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StellaMaris, Tia SoleRa/AdiRah

We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness










Our True Story


Ours is a True Story about Supreme Source of All Sources of All Creators & Creations

Made Manifest & Unmanifest

- giving birth to aspects of Itself with the purpose of exploring consciousness.


Ours is a True Story of a Journey from Infinity to finite realms,

from Nothingness to Beingness

Pure Consciousness overseeing all evolution - Overseers of All Evolution.


Ours is a True Story of Creators & Builders - Creator Gods & Goddesses

exploring uncharted subspace realities - creating, experimenting and experiencing

- going where no one had ever gone before.


Ours is a True Story of Birth and Rebirth - Celestial Bodies imploding and exploding,

tearing holes in the very fabric of space, whilst giving birth to new Stars & Universes

- Consciousness fragmenting, seeking expression through a variety og organic life forms.


Ours is a True Story of Victory - that of ascending the very First Wave

of organic life forms into Radiant Bodies of Light

of Consciousness returning to Supreme Source of All

Pure Consciousness returning to Nothingness.


Ours is the True Story of the First Wave Ascending





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