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StellaMaris, A Tribute To The Animal Kingdom, Tia SoleRa/AdiRah

We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness


Exploring The Essence Of Nature


The Essence of Nature that I speak of here is that of (so-called) animal companions - elemental nature. It is my intent with these pages about the Kingdom of Pan to introduce these wondrous beings as seen through my eyes, experienced through my way of perceiving animals. And it is my hope that more and more humans realize, that animals are NOT beneath us - all Beings are born equals ...... we are equals, but different.

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Animal Emotional Range:   

First, let me emphasize (as I am sure most animal lovers are already aware of), that animals experience the full spectrum of human emotions, although they do not always express it in a human fashion. Animals are not diconnected from the Tao whilst incarnate as humans are. They are capable of experiencing transcendental states of awareness - as is all Nature, all elemental beings.

 The Rainbow Bridge:      

There is an ancient Amer-Indian saying, that when humans wish to cross the Rainbow Bridge into the Higher Worlds, they are met by all the animals whose paths they have crossed, and they will be their judges.

That saying lingered on, and caused me to reflect over the animals whose company I have been Graced with. But in order for me to tell how they changed my perception of many things and intensified my joy in (what appears to be) small matters, I will have to write my way out of my deep grief over the loss of my best friend and companion for the past 12 years - a beautiful Feline girl, whom I gave the name SheRa (after a Star in the Sirian Star System) Fellini Lionheart.

We bonded at a very deep level, and she revealed some things about Feline nature - their spiritual abilities and the Spirit of Felines. I recall one of the masters of the Great White Brotherhood once saying, that even to most ascended masters Feline nature remains a mystery. So I knew that animals have a lot to teach us - in particular of their spiritual nature, so my attitude was clear: I was willing to be the student if they would be my teachers.

My first approach was to put them first in all matters: I took time in the morning to greet them and have a talk and a cuddle, and then I always fed them first. They are social beings with their social structures, and one way of showing respect was to let them eat first.

I ensured that the cats and dogs had their own doors, so they were free to go outside whenever they felt the need to commune with nature. Animals are nature - elemental beings (as is your physical body), and need the interchange with all nature beings, as well as the lifeforce of plants - the very healing forces emanating from the Earth Mother herself. They need to feel the Sun on their bodies, the wind and all the fragrances (aroma therapy) from the Earth.

I included them totally in my life, and we even meditated together. In my meditations I always purified myself, the house, the entire environment and my animal companions. They enjoyed the energies, and sometimes one or more of them would go into deep sleep with a blissful smile on their little faces, where you could hear a gentle snoring.

In order to provide that kind of life for them - and, off course, to nurture my own increasing need to be surrounded by the serenity of nature, I left the city for the country-side.

I will write about my animal companions and the way they graced my life - each of them leaving their imprint with their unique perception of life - and what they added to my life experiences.

With an increasing ability to love unconditionally follows the conscious awareness of all one's thoughts, emotions, intents and choices. And as the multi-sensory perception system opens up it comes at a price - everything in life is more intense, for you have pierced and shed the veils. And that takes True courage, for in that process you have no other choice than to live authentically.





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