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Manifestation - Entering The Worlds of Form

We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness






As the Supreme Source of All extended itself from its pre-state of Being-ness onto the Virtual Plane, active principles like “Principal Movers“ or Primeval Sources, Manifesting Flow Directors extended themselves into the Quantum Plane of reality, giving birth to worlds of interactive elements that fragmented into worlds within worlds upon the Plane of Matter.

The Flow Directors of various orders and frequencies extending from Manifesting Flow Directors became known in many Creations as Ovum Logoi and Creator Logoi. The Flow Directors of various orders created the multidimensional highways throughout the Ovum and Creations to the Center of the Light of A Billion Suns.

Overseers of Evolution are states of Being-ness, observing the evolution of worlds, as space (apparently) folds and unfolds. As fields of consciousness explored various states of being, they became carriers of information. Vast (primary) source beings fragmented into smaller source beings, and in that process Ovum and Creations were manifested for the purpose of exploring consciousness through various life forms.

Vast fields of consciousness manifesting as Galaxies orbiting around Super-Galaxies within the quadrants, and Flow Directors directing and anchoring vast Star Fields into the worlds of form as Great Star Constellations, expressing themselves through a rich diversity of Stellar Consciousness. The Stellar Devas gave birth to various life forms created through the interactions of a diversity of primeval elements.

The separation of the feminine and masculine principles was experienced in Galactic Consciousness, in Stellar Consciousness, as well as in Solar and Planetary Consciousness. The Milky Way Galaxy became the male expression of its Super-Galaxy meaning, the Great Bringer of Life is male and the Great Giver of Life is female, whereas the opposite principle applied to its Twin Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy. Also the Great Central Suns became polarized expressions of their Supra Great Central Sun.

All That Is is consciousness seeking expression through a diversity of forms, whether that be Super-Galaxies, Galaxies, Stars, Super Central Suns, Central Suns, planetary bodies - all are explorers of consciousness, all life is consciousness. Organic life forms are made of building blocks from the celestial bodies, and every atom and molecule connects through the rotation of the celestial bodies.

Hence there is a continuous exchange of energy/information (information embedded in energy) where each point meets. The life forms are not separate from the celestial bodies - they are individual expressions of the celestial bodies, and each individual blueprint is unique. That is how each of you is recognized - by your unique electronic pattern, your blueprint.

Consider the possibility of perceiving yourself as a unified field of consciousness within unified fields within unified fields - nothing is outside of yourself, nor is it separate from you. It may appear that way, and that is a part of the paradox known as ascension: that you are separate from the Source, and you Are the Source. You Are All That Is - You Are All That Was and Ever Will Be.





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