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StellaMaris, Inner Space - Multi-Dimensional Identity, Tia SoleRa/AdiRah

We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness


Inner Space 


October New Moon 2008

The information shared on these pages is based upon experiences upon my own Path of Ascension. Part of this information has until now only been shared on occasion, and to a larger extent with groups of Ascension Pathcutters that I trained and coached over a Jupiter cycle.

How much of the information that will be shared I do not know in this moment of writing. The information is what I came to know as Truth from my Source Being.

It may resonate with your own Inner Truth .... or stir ancient memories within you - of fore ancient worlds and your Source Essence ...... open up the many worlds within worlds, Universes and Stars within you.

Either way, I hope you will enjoy.


Blessings Upon Your Journey.






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