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Ancient Worlds 


These Ancient Memories are an extract of my upcoming book, "Be Still And Know ....", which is based upon my spiritual Journey - a Journey to Inner Space and to worlds so fore ancient, that it took me back to the "days" of the First Creation. 

My Journey is shared for the purpose of triggering Light-codes with the readers, as it will contain elements of your own Spiritual Journey and Story.

As layers upon layers of sub strands of DNA plugged in, my conscious awareness expanded to include the multi-dimensional experiences of my Source Being ....... the life and "death" of Stars, Galaxies and Universes ..... cycles before this Cosmic Order was born.  

My story is bound to challenge your belief systems, your picture of reality and your boundaries. It may cause you to go into denial, because most of you still live in the Newtonian world, a world of limitations where 'there is a way that things are' - where everything beyond what your consensus reality has defined as 'sane and real' is considered fantasy, imagination and hallucination.

This is a story of a Journey to the Beyond the Beyond and its worlds and Beings - yet all of it is but a breath away, which forever changed my life and my perception of What and Who I Am, as well as my perception of Reality.







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Ancient Memories - Dreamtime Experiences


Dreams Within Dreams



I had just come from a meeting with the Supreme Council. I had been summoned due to an aspect of me heading the unfallen Divine Intervention, but even more so due to my genetics and bloodlines, which makes me capable of journeying in all realms and Creations.

I was shown the Blueprint of the Divine Plan for a distant quadrant of space, and I was shown some fluctuations in the Dream Fields of the Creators, which seemed to cause considerable distortions in the Higher Dreamtime Planes. Each of the members present in the Council saw that the antire Plan would fail, unless we intervened.

We saw/realized, that a multi-dimensional Creation in a far off sector of space would not only be captured- abducted, so to speak, cut off from its slipstream and moved into another quadrant of space.

We saw the Star being surrounded by en electrical fence - a frequency barrier, that would not only cloak the Star, but it would also imprison its inhabitants. They would be cut off from their Creator/Creatrix and from the worlds of Light, and physically no escape was possible.

The frequency barrier would ensure a total control of every being living upon that Star.

It was discussed as to whether it was a task for the Divine Intervention, or if it could be handled in a more "discrete" manner.


Simultaneously on another Dreamtime Plane:

The Divine Intervention - which was the original, unfallen Divine Intervention - was set up with its Command Center outside the quadrant of know space. It consisted of vast Light Beings - Ancient Beings who were not only Master Creators and Flow Directors, skilled in juggling various densities and levels of consciousness, but who understood the Laws of Creation and workings of multiple Universes

.... Beings who had experienced previous Cosmos.

Each member was an honored member and representative of some of the Highest Councils. On this plane of existence the Flow Directors and the Conscious Dreamers were one and the same - beings, who were both male and female.

Hence the Flow Director senses all the fluctuations, and the Conscious Dreamer follows the direction of the streamings.


Simultaneous Dream Sequence On Another Dreamtime Plane:

I was talking to my Father. Whenever I am in His Presence, all things become crystal clear to me. His outpouring of Love and Wisdom always reminds me of Who I Am, and my obligations - my heritage. In His Presence I would rise to any occasion - I Am my Father's daughter.

I told him I was willing to go on The Mission well knowing, that the chances for succeeding were infinitesimal - let alone the odds of returning safe, if at all! However, seen from the perspective of the Big Picture, there was everything to win, and vary little to lose.

We viewed it from all possible angles, and his vast experience was a great comfort - it made me feel both competent and confident. He would prepare me for my mission, and He would be with me in His Consciousness - through all Eternity beyond space-time and dimensions. No matter what happened, He would always be with me - that I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt.

We finally returned to the Supreme Council, and told them about my decision. They objected - except for a few, but I claimed my Divine Birth Right as a First Born.

The entire Mission was only known and planned by less than a handful of Beings, as officially my Plan and request was being declined. I could not even tell my Beloved, as it would not only endanger my Mission - it would also endanger his life and Mission.

There would be Light Beings in many realms who had been prepared for my coming, nd informed on how to assist me, but my True Identity remained a secret which remained with the Supreme Council.

The Mission included entering into dense matter with many of my abilities intact, as well as a conscious knowing. It included Conscious Dreaming, as well as various codes to unlock and altering timelines.



The Final Dreamtime Sequence Before Departure:

My Beloved returned from his field trip, and was exhilarated. A Brother in Spirit had asked him to join him on a shorter mission into the space Beyond the Beyond. I congratulated him. I was happy on his behalf - I knew how much he had wanted this.

When his friend and Brother in Spirit came to pick hin up for their mission, I looked at my Beloved intensely, so that every particle of my Beingness would remember him - for always ...... should I not return.

His Essence - so generous with himself and his Love, his gentleness. How I delighted in his Presence - every moment with him was so full, so intense ......... seemed like forever and a day.

Not knowing when my mission would begin, I hoped I would still be here when he returned. But the moment we said our goodbye, as I looked deeply into his eyes, the silent voice of my heart said "please Beloved, don't go - I may not be here when you return. You may never see me again." But I never spoke these words.

In that moment I knew that this would be the last I saw of him - as I knew him in our world - that I would be gone when he returned. And as soon as he was gone, I feel overpowered by an immense wave of deep grief and despair.

I went to sit in silence with my Father, showing Him my thoughts. I instantly felt His warm embrace, and the surge of strength and power coming from Him. I knew He knew things I did not know, and I trusted Him.

I withdrew to enter into a deep state of mind ....... of no-mind. My Journey through the long night had begone ......

When my Beloved returned Home and heard from my Father, that I was on a Mission for the Supreme Council, he entered the Dreamtime Planes in the worlds of man - in search for me, and with the intent of making this a joint Mission.

And thus the Dance began - two Lovers from Beyond the Stars - hearts reaching out in search for each other beyond space-time and dimensions.

This is where out story begins.......


Dreams Within Dreams

I was talking to a group of people about alternate lives during Dreamtime - here is the story I told:

I was talking about alternate lives, in particular one in Egypt - or more correctly the Ancient Land of Khem. We had a huge piece of land with many lions. The lions "belonged" to my father, but since the age of four I loved to hang out with the lions, who were my special friends. I loved them and they loved me, and they played with me and protected me as if I was their child.

I always brought them delicious snacks, and I spent every day with them. I loved to sit in the center of a ring they always creatred around me. Here I sat and talked to them, told them gossip and stories, and I scolded them when I had heard that one of them had misbehaved towards the servants.

The lions were rather amused by my audacity, and especially an old male lion seemed to take special pleasure in me. He had a kind of father-like energy - I always sensed clearly when he was pleased with with me, and when he was displeased. I had great respect for him, and just like I felt I needed my father's approval, I also felt I needed the old male lion's approval.


The Dream Within the Dream:

As I began telling the group of people about another life, and how the lives were connected through the lions and especially the old male lion, I found myself in what looked like an African Farm - or African landscape.

I had a wonderful relationship to the lions, who often gathered around our farm. The lions and I had a pact: I did not enter their territory without having been invited, and they did not enter my territory without having been invited.

Whenever we wanted to spend time together, we met on our common place, a circle in which both territories met. In this space we sat in sacred communion, we communicated and played.

If I wanted to talk to the lions, or they wanted to talk to me and neither of us were on our common ground, we just went to the edge of the other's territory and waited until we were invited to enter.

One day I was playing with a big male lion in our common ground. Suddenly I sensed a change in his attitude. There was anger and jalousy, and he had power struggles with the other lions about who was my favorite.

He leashed out, but I knew I should not let myself be provoked. I stayed calm, and I called in Sananda. It was amazing to see the change in the lion - to see how he (the male lion) began to radiate Love and Harmony.

The crisis was over. Sananda and I remained for a while with the lion and healed his emotions, until we all were in a state of sacred communion.


Another Dream Within The Dream:

I was back in Khem - this time a young woman. Again I spent time with the lions, sitting in the circle.

We began playing, and suddenly an old male lion opened his mouth and held my head between his teeth. I sensed his frustration over sharing my Love with the other lions - he had been there since I was an infant, and he considered me to be his property.

He was considering if he should crush my head - kill me in one go. In that moment I recalled that he had killed me once before, in another life. I saw flashes - how he had been miserable, not just for the rest of his life, but for several lives our paths didn't cross.

In that moment I told him telepathically: "Don't do this, old friend. I love you as much as you love me - our relationship goes beyond space-time and dimensions. You have done this before, remember? And remember how miserable you were, and how you missed me?"

In that moment he let go of my head, we looked each other into the eyes, and I saw recognition in his eyes. I felt the Grace flowing into that moment - how Love and Forgiveness was flowing freely between us. I saw how many lives we had met, and I knew that he too remembered.

He had fathered a lineage of Lion People on Sirius, and I had been an Overseer and Emissary back then and visited his world quite often. That was when our friendship began, but more about that later.


The Final Dream Within The Dream:

Earth Realm: A little girl sitting on the ground surrounded by her lions - only this time they were toy, not real lions. The lions were placed in a circle around her. She chatted to the lions and fed them.

She got on her feet and went to her father, turned his face so she could look him in the eyes. She said: "Do you remember when we had many lions? Why can't we have real lions like we used to have?" Her father smiled and said "maybe someday when you have grown up, you may have real lions again."

The little girl went back to her lions and told them about the days when they were real, big lions. And that some day soon they would be real again.

Then she stepped outside the circle, and drew them all closer to her by decreasing their circle. She wanted to share with them a secret - a secret she had told no one else: She whispered to them the story of ancient worlds of wondrous Beings such as crystal dragons, and where they - the Lions - were giant, white winged Lions, and that some day in a near future they would all return to that world.

She lovingly put them all into the baskets of her tricycle - it was bedtime, and time for them to be tugged in. She gently laid them to rest on the couch in her room, and draped a blanket around them so they wouldn't get could at night.

She included her lions in her evening prayer, and as she went to sleep they were the last she saw before closing her eyes. She felt safe, as she knew her lions were watching over her ...... as they always had ..... 




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