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StarMaps To Your Inner Space

- A Forgotten Path To Biological Ascension


     Edited New Moon October 2008



StarMaps To Your Inner Space is the Ancient Star Lore of the Kaiiana Spirits - of the most Ancient of Stellar Consciousness/Stellar Devas, which was passed on to the Grand Masters of Ascension as they attained their biological ascension through the guidance of the Kaiiana Spirits.


This Ancient Star Lore is the True Source of Esoteric Astrology - it is the True origin of all astrology. The ancient records of the Kaiiana Spirits tell their stories of the birth, death and rebirth of their form aspects - the Stars.


Records from the Crystal Library of the Kaiianas tell, that the Stars multiplied and became Star Constellations, and that the Star Constellations destined for Earth Realm experiences descended and became continents, whilst the oceans in Earth Realms were the physical correspondence and descendants of the Starry Ocean.


The Star Civilizations of the descending Stars descended to inhabit the continents. As Stellar and human consciousness fragmented further and further, only fragments of the Ancient Star Lore of the Kaiiana was remembered, and today’s astrology and astronomy are fragments of this ancient Path of Biological Ascension. 


StarMaps To Your Inner Space is the result of more than a decade of extensive spiritual training in the Inner Worlds and dedicated up-front ascension work on various density levels within multiple dimensional realities - two decades of intense inner work, initiations and remembering, embodying more and more of Who I Truly Am.


Over these years I have brought forth many sacred SeedVisions: “ School of Divinity”, “Aura StellaMaris”, “White Star Centre”, “Shambhala Centre”, “Messenger of Shambhala”, “Sirian Life Initiations”, and “First Wave Ascending”, until I had finally integrated the levels of conscious awareness required to bring forth StarMaps To Your Inner Space. Each of these sacred SeedVisions contained certain segments of Initiations - attunements to higher and higher fields of consciousness for the purpose of embodiment.


StarMaps To Your Inner Space is the star-encoded name of the blueprint brought into manifestation for this very ancient spiritual path and practice, although it is entirely new to many Creations.


This new blueprint does not only open up new pathways for the Stellar & Solar Initiations leading to Transcendence & Biological Ascension - new StarFields have been anchored, which will re-map your skies. Stars will disappear and new Stars will (re)appear, which will ultimately alter the Star Constellations as they are currently known.


A StarMap To Your Inner Space tells your story about your Journey in Consciousness from your Source of Origin through the worlds of form and matter, and it shows your Paths of Return. It is a mapping of the Stars in the skies that are your individual doorways to your inner worlds, access points through which your other-dimensional selves - ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ selves can contact you.


Who you are in the 3rd dimension is but an infinitesimal aspect of (and access point to) another ‘you’ - a vast Being-ness extending itself throughout (and beyond) space-time and dimensions into worlds within worlds. To some this Being-ness is the I Am God Presence, to others it is Higher Self or Source Essence - all of it is but semantics, for nothing but the Language of Light can Truly express the nature of this awesome Being-ness.


The ‘StarMap To Your Inner Space’ shows your multi-dimensional identities, your simultaneous lives in parallel universes, and it shows your higher purpose for being present in Earth Realm right NOW. It tells your story as a Multi-Dimensional Being, and it shows your Stellar Ancestral Lineages and Heritage - your spiritual family and your spiritual heritage.


As your Source Essence extended Itself into worlds within worlds, it fragmented. Your Journey Home is a ‘de-fragmentation’ - fragments returning to a state of Unity, Wholeness and Oneness


Up till 2006 I cleared and transcended Paths way beyond 60.000 strands of (spiritual) DNA within my own ascension, which lead to embodying AdiRah (energy name) - Supra (Primordial) Great Central Sun Consciousness - that part of me that is a First-Borne.


However, I wish to emphasize that I (along with other groups - let’s not forget that!) am a Pathcutter - a Trailblazer, and our job was to activate that many strands of DNA for a “future” purpose. Once that was done and down-loaded into Earth’s gene pool, we had to step down our vibrations, since nothing in current Earth Realm can support that kind of consciousness.


You may ask if you ever had that many strands of DNA available - that much consciousness, and my answer to you is perhaps. But you can no doubt read bits and pieces elsewhere on the web about what levels of consciousness and abilities were available before the Major Falls in consciousness. It has been a long Journey for us all.


Do I exist Beyond that level of consciousness? Yes, I have explored The Beyond the Beyond (and kept a log of my experiences) when the ‘windows’ were open, but what and who I Am Beyond the Beyond cannot ever be embodied in the Worlds of Forms, and is therefore of no interest in terms of Transcendence & Biological Ascension.


I know - I am pushing your buttons ”¦”¦. challenging you by sharing this kind of information, but I am not here to convince you about anything ”¦.. I am sharing this so those of you whose minds are open can consider the possibilities of what you might be(come).


The Spiritual Training/coaching I did with groups of people was based upon the individual’s ‘StarMap To Your Inner Space’. The Path of Transcendence is focused upon purification and transmutation through various spiritual practices. Its purpose is basically clearing of multi-dimensional karma and distortions within one’s DNA, resurrecting fragmented consciousness into wholeness, whilst merging with and embodying more Souls/Oversoul/Source.


As above, so below - the evolutionary processes and core issues that you are dealing with in your current life are mere reflections of issues that Soul/Oversoul/Source seeks to resolve, transmute and transcend in many dimensional realms through it’s physicality/physical access point in the 3rd dimension.


The Initiate must first clear his/her path of descent, before the Path of Ascension will appear before him/her. It is a common misunderstanding that one can biologically ascend Home through the Path upon which one descended - one can never attain individual ascension upon one’s path of descent, but one can clear the path of descent and transcend all the distortions within one’s multi-dimensional DNA.


When embarking upon your conscious Path of Transcendence, your awareness expands through the exploration of your multi-dimensional DNA. You are mutating from 2 strands of DNA to the basic 12 strands of physical DNA - one strand for each of the 12 states of matter (the elements of earth, water, fire and air in their three basic states as solid, liquid and gaseous).


You are provided with everything you need - new blueprints of all types of DNA have already been downloaded into Earth’s gene pool. This is due to an extensive and ongoing work over two decades by many devoted pilot groups from many Creations, who volunteered to test run these genetic blueprints (overseen by the Council of Ovum Lords & Ladies).


By year 2000 God/Goddess/Supreme Source of All Sources gave His/Her Blessings that the new genetic blueprints be downloaded into Earth’s gene pool. Your Soul/Oversoul/Source is providing all you need to embody your new genetic blueprints. You don’t need the support or permission from outside authorities to access or embody your new genetic blueprint - they are yours by Divine Right for your Ascension. And as you expand your light quotient, your multi-dimensional DNA will raise like serpents and plug-in.


There are thousands of strands of DNA, and the number of DNA that can be embodied depends on your cosmic origin and the origin of your Source Essence: Your energetic structures are replicas of the Fixed Stars, the Zodiacal Constellations, the Great Star Constellations- of deep space/hyperspace, and hold the secrets of your Original/Primeval Source Essence.


Every Segment of these Paths is leading to Initiations and Attunements to higher and higher vibrations, enabling one to journey in consciousness among the Stars through wormholes to distant Galaxies and Super Galaxies - hyperspace, and (if it is within one’s Spiritual DNA) to the Supra (Primordial), Great Central Sun around which all Great Central Suns orbit.


These Journeys in Consciousness have the purpose of gathering and infusing higher Light Particles into your Unified Field of Consciousness, enabling it to hold increasingly higher vibrations whilst alchemizing the form. This part is known as the Path of Biological  Ascension.


Every organic lifeform is created of building blocks from the Stars - the Stars are the parents of all matter. You Are the Universe uniquely expressing itself at a single point. Your physical body consist mostly from light, water and space. Ultraviolet light is the transmitter of DNA messages, which can replicate cells almost infinitely.


Every cell nourishes itself through light, and your master glands are extremely light sensitive. Water is the maternal sea of cellular existence. Your blood carries the same constituents as the sea, and nearly all the cellular transactions occur in a liquid medium. Even your brains consist of 90% water.


The Ultimate Goal of the StarMap Program is Transcendence & Ascension by training the Initiates to move beyond form to a conscious awareness of their form aspects as very complex holographic biochemical compounds, and of themselves as designated fields of consciousness - or in some cases even pure, unbounded fields of consciousness, and that the merger of the twain is pure Divine Alchemy that ultimately causes Biological Ascension.


It is your Inner Space that makes Ascension possible. ‘StarMaps To Your Inner Space’ is about exploring your Inner Space and ultimately recognizing yourself as Space, for in that process you loose your solidity and that provides the basis for Ascension.


It is training in intercommunication with the very Forces of the Stars, Galaxies, and Super galaxies - it is you as Space. Space is not an empty void - it is the Starry Ocean, a womb of creativity impregnated with particles of life, waiting for the impulse to translate them from energy to life and vice versa.


Upon the Path of Transcendence ‘there may be a way things are’ (up to a certain point) although the path is non-linear and non-sequential, but upon the Path of Ascension there is ‘no way that things are’ - this is a Path of no return! This is a Path of no past and no future, it is the Path that does not exist - you create it step by step as you move forward, it is the Path of the NOW! 




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