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     Higher States of Consciousness



Edited 26. december 2008

What is the difference between experiencing ‘altered states of consciousness’ and embodying higher states of consciousness? Most spiritual aspirants (Newbees) or Initiates do experience various levels of ‘altered states of consciousness’ during meditations, but are incapable of remaining in that state of being. This is due to bringing in high-energy particles during meditation that causes a release of certain neurotransmitters, which again alters the brain waves - usually from beta to alpha and theta, and in the case of the Initiate - delta waves. 

As the spiritual initiate’s nervous systems are getting accustomed to the increasing surge of more subtle neurotransmitters, the initiate becomes increasingly capable of experiencing theta brain waves without ‘falling asleep’. Experiencing ‘ Delta State’ in an awakened state is rare to most, but definitely possible.

What causes the difference that enables some to experience these ‘higher altered states of consciousness’? The answer lies in the DNA. An increasing part of the human race has already undergone genetic alterations, which has caused changes in their molecular structure, from being carbon-based to becoming crystalline-based. Mere two strands of DNA sustain the previous carbon-based molecular structure - the bio chemicals (neurotransmitters) are very basic. 

However, to sustain a crystalline molecular structure a minimum of 12 basic strands of DNA are required (representatives of the 12 states of matter in their 3 basic states, solid, liquid and gaseous). These 12 states of matter are catalyzers of producing subtler neurotransmitters, which causes significant alterations in the physiology (read ascension articles on our web site) and enables one to experience continuous higher states of consciousness.

Once the basic 12 strands of DNA are embodied, an almost infinite number of spiritual strands of DNA can begin to plug-in in accordance with one’s spiritual development. It is the 12 basic strands of DNA that alchemize the fusion of the human form and Soul, enabling increasingly more Soul/Oversoul/Source to embody a human form.

Your physicality is as sacred and spiritual as your soul/Oversoul/Source, as all are expressions of the same Awareness. Although your physical body may appear substantial it is made up of atoms bound together in a molecular structure - every form is a molecular structure. If you infuse any form with high-energy particles/Light you alter its molecular structure.

Physical matter is simply materialized ether. The heavier the primary elements are, the slower the vibration of the molecules, and the denser the form. Hence the density of your physicality is determined by the quality, frequency and velocity of the primary elements within your biochemical compound. Herein lies the secret of creation. As we have said so often - the magick lies within the chemistry.

When transcending your physical body into a body of Light, you alter your molecular structure through the conscious intent of increasing the frequency of your molecules/atoms. A higher frequency means a shorter bandwidth (as in waves) and a lower gravity factor. In a dense physical body the molecular structure would have very little space between the molecules, which means a high gravity factor.

Gravity is found in the space between the molecules of a dense body, whilst magnetism replaces the space/gap between the molecules of a body of high frequency. A body with a low gravity factor and a strong magnetic force holds a high level of awareness. It is in the space between the molecules that you meet God/Goddess/Supreme Source of All (Sources of All Creators & Creations Made Manifest & Unmanifest).

My spiritual training and achievements, along with the conscious activation of light-codes within my DNA, enabled me to consciously journey Beyond the Beyond since almost two decades of your time. In my StarMap I found that my ability to easily access such information was due to a direct link-up with the Galactic and Super-galactic Centers/Consciousness. Through journeys to my ‘Inner Space’ I have traced and connected with My Self on an original Oversoul & Source level throughout and (in particular) beyond the space-time continuum - Beyond the Beyond.

Each journey caused light-code activations within my DNA and facilitated the multi-dimensional link-up required for anchoring new Light Frequencies, Source Councils, Source Level Lineages, vast Star Fields, Assessment Councils, Ascension Councils etc., and finally - The Blueprint of First Wave Ascending.

As more and more Oversoul and Source was embodied, I was capable of tracing ancient records of Universes, Cosmos and Beyond, tracing and connecting with the feminine Cosmic Logos and Her universes, with their fore-ancient civilizations and species.

The increasing level of conscious awareness made me conscious on a subatomic level (and to a certain extent capable of consciously accessing the Meta-atomic planes of reality), and as I remembered journeying the Universal Light Filaments, I could leap between Creations beyond the Ovum.

My purpose for mentioning this is to make you aware of the fact that nothing is ever lost, neither through destruction nor through death of life forms. Death or destruction is a mere change or rearrangement of sequenced photons and molecular structures, and each particle knows its way Home.

My purpose is also to make you aware of what you are already capable of in other realities - all you need is to call these realities into your existence. All that you can possibly imagine exists at some level, and through your conscious interaction it manifests powerfully in your experience/reality. Whatever possibilities may and may not be accessible to you - so much is revealed within your individual ‘StarMap To Your Inner Space’.

After having retrieved soul fragments, merged with Souls/Oversoul(s)/Source, cleared all distortions within your DNA - a non-linear and non-sequential process, you enter The Void. Depending on your Source of Origin and your Journey, you might already have experienced entering a void - spiritual deliverance must have an empty vessel to pour itself into before it can descend. In such voids one gets used to the grand transformation, the death - rebirth process.

When having completed the major segments of Initiations one enters The Void, where one is stripped to the very core of one’s Being All the much Light, consciousness and/or information accrued through retrieving (parts of) one’s unconscious, Akashic records, clearing karma, merging with yet another aspect of Oversoul or Source in order to fully embody more - all is being transferred to a higher center as one is swirling through The Void whilst being torn apart.

As one enters the Eye of The Void, all is blissful silence. In this silence one enters a state of Beingness or Nothingness, until slowly a point of Light emerges and expands, and explodes into a cascade of the most indescribably beautiful Light. As the Light gathers momentum there is a sense of ‘I’ as particles of Light are magnetized around that new core being, ready for new adventures.

A reading of your StarMap will reveal your energy matrix on a planetary, Solar, Universal and Cosmic (and Beyond) level - depending on your level of spiritual awareness and your original Divine Tapestry of Ancestry.

Your StarMap is a map with a set of instructions telling your Creation Myth, your Path among the Stars - your Journey in Consciousness from Infinity to finite realms, and how to Return to Source. It is the celestial map and key given to you by your Creator - the Golden Thread that enables you to always find your way Home.


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