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Exploring Consciousness - The Choice of Ascension



(Edited 16. November 2008)

Within your individual ascension lies the challenge of transcending multiple worlds. We are certain that many of you are familiar with the fact that within each of you there are worlds within worlds, and yet - how can you fully comprehend that fact?

The most frequent perception among those who are dedicated to their own Path of Transcendence is that they are humans/human souls. From our perspective you are consciousness exploring and expressing itself through form! - Fields within fields and as such, you are a solar system within a solar system, a universe within a universe, a cosmos, galaxy etc. - very unique expressions of these vaster unified fields.

Your Essence is energy and intelligence, often referred to as information or consciousness. That field of pure energy is not confined to one particular dimension - it is multi-dimensional.

Being a vast unified field you express yourself in the formless world, as well as in the world of forms through a rich variety of organic life forms, and in many dimensional universes. - And if you think that that which created you is human, think again. Organic life forms have been created and genetically modified by various species/form aspects like the Felines, the Carians, Reptilians, Amphibians to mention but a few.

As your conscious awareness increases you will find, that the only True difference between you and what you perceive as ‘other species’ in terms of form aspects, is your biochemical compound! Your biochemical compound is defined by your genetics, and yet - you are in essence pure energy/consciousness.

Changing your perception of what you Truly Are will help you transcend your state of separation and move you beyond archetypal patterns such as tribal perception, nationality, inter-racial and inter-species differences.

As you become multi-sensory and multi-dimensional in your perception you will realize, that in your state of pure consciousness you may have ensouled many worlds and forms of various species, celestial bodies, Star Fields etc. Arriving at that point you will realize that form can never define who you are - only consciousness can!

Your physicality is as sacred and spiritual as your soul, as both are expressions of the same Awareness. Although your physical body may appear substantial it is made up of atoms bound together in a molecular structure - every form is a molecular structure. If you infuse any form with high-energy particles/Light you alter its molecular structure.

Physical matter is simply materialized ether. The heavier the primary elements are, the slower the vibration of the molecules, and the denser the form. Hence the density of your physicality is determined by the quality, frequency and velocity of the primary elements within your biochemical compound. Herein lies the secret of creation.

When transcending your physical body into a body of Light, you alter your molecular structure through the conscious intent of increasing the frequency of your molecules/atoms. A higher frequency means a shorter bandwith (as in waves) and a lower gravity factor. In a dense physical body the molecular structure would have very little space between the molecules, which means a high gravity factor.

Gravity is found in the space between the molecules of a dense body, whilst magnetism replaces the space/gap between the molecules of a body of high frequency. A body with a low gravity factor and a strong magnetic force holds a high level of awareness.

When you increase the frequency of your auric field to the point where you transcend current speed of light, times slows down, mass increases and space curves - some of you may find that to be true in terms of you physicality as well (more about that later). Hence any attachment to outer appearance can become a major obstacle in your ascension.

Your ability to make the leap beyond the event horizon is relative to your capacity for embodying enough high-energy particles to make the leap, because when you have reached the critical mass you have generated enough antigravity to make the leap and settle in a new orbit.

Your body is a holographic image projected by your mind, held together by inner awareness. Your mind shapes your brain. Your mind experiences and your brain process the experiences. Your brain can record the experience of an event, but only your mind has the actual experience of it, which is stored in memory. Memory not only precedes matter - it defines matter.

Your brain uses energy and burns food as fuel (subsisting on glucose, which gets broken down to accommodate brain's complex activities). Atoms of food are mined for their energy, and energy is converted into thoughts. The quantum level is not only accessible to your brain - once your brain has become crystalline it has transcended space and time.

Your mind is not confined to space-time. You can perceive of your mind as a field within a field within a field etc. Your mind is a part of tribal mind, of planetary mind, solar mind, universal mind, cosmic mind etc. As you transcend to higher and higher levels of awareness, your mind expands its awareness and ability to access such higher mind structures.

Through the gaps of the Sleeping Giant (grey matter) is where you can meet God/Goddess/All That Is - and once your mind has transcended space-time and you embody enough strands of consciousness, you will find God/Goddess/Supreme Source of All in the space between your molecules.

Your nervous system(s) is initially a 'machine for sensing photons'. A photon is a quantum of light and the basic unit of electromagnetic energy. A quantum of energy can leap between two points without crossing the space in between and so can thoughts, for thoughts are energy. During the cellular restructuring your nervous systems become crystalline as well.

At this point your nervous systems become extremely sensitive and receptive to higher energies, causing a change in the biochemical compound of your neurotransmitters. While moving through segments of higher initiations your molecular structure changes to a figure 8 (or sign of infinity) pattern, and later to the triple circle molecular structure, which enables you to hold a much higher frequency in form!

As you increase the frequency of your field and begin transcending current speed of light, you will find that your ability to leap beyond the event horizon - the leap from one location to another - is determined by your ability to embody enough high-energy particles to make the leap.

All that exists is NOW - past and future is the result of polarized thinking, and they are but imaginations deriving from linear modes of perception. When soul projects a holographic image of form through the prism called mind, it fragments the NOW into past and future experiences. As soul begins its defragmentation and moves from matter into quantum reality, time and space become interchangeable (time is flexible at quantum level and non-existent at a virtual level).

Remembered perceptions of events create the experience of a past in which a part of your consciousness is captured in space-time, and having no remembered perceptions of ‘future’ events causes you to believe that it hasn’t happened yet. Basing your actions on past perceptions is a recreation of the past.

In letting go of past referencing you are bringing your entire creative potential into the NOW. To live in the NOW requires a willingness to release and let go of all that prevents you from living in the present moment, and calling all your molecules into the NOW by aligning them with your Source of Origin.

Transcendence is inevitable - biological ascension is a choice. On the Path of Transcendence you bring Light into matter - on the Path of (biological) Ascension you bring matter into the Light. Ascension is the ultimate surrender to the Path of No Return.

It is the ultimate commitment because it requires your undivided attention. During the process of biological ascension you become conscious on a cellular level, which requires a total letting go of all attachments to remembered perceptions.

The moment of biological ascension is when unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind is fusing into higher consciousness, and immersed in Super Conscious. It is the ultimate surrender to the NOW. The NOW is the merger point of all events, for in the NOW everything happens simultaneously. You Are your ancestors - your ancestors Are you.


                              Wishing You A Blessed Ascension Wherever You Are 






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