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We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness


3rd dimensional Earth Realm

It was early morning and the darkness was reduced to heavy dark clouds on the western horizon, slowly fading as the Sun was rising. It was fascinating to watch the Blessed Sun's radiant Light dissolving all darkness.

I rose before dawn, practiced conscious breath to enter the Great Silence, got dressed and went down to the sea to my bench, from whence I watched the Sun rise. The Rising Sun is always a very intense experience to me, often causing my body to cry, because the fullness of the beauty of this experience is usually too intense for my emotional receptors.

The silent voices of the early birds, the morning wind gently caressing all living beings, gently ruffling the leaves of the trees whilst bringing news from On High to those who are attuned and listening - a blissful experience of Sacred Communion with the Earth Goddess and her Nature Kingdoms.

These early mornings of pristine beauty - the radiance of the Sun announcing its arrival long before it appears. When it finally appears its radiant face shines upon all, embraces all, while kissing away the morning dew from the roses, the bushes, the grass”¦”¦”¦.. and my tears - tears of bliss and happiness, tears of intense yearning to let go of my form and become ONE with the Tao.

No, it is not 'a mind thing' or an emotional thing - my cells are simply reaching out, sometimes vibrating faster and faster to a point where I am but a fraction of a moment from disintegrating. It becomes more and more difficult for me to hold my physical form, but it is too soon to let go.

And so I am inventing new ways to ground my body and the vast Star Fields that I have brought with me, to the Center (Aurora Borealis) of the New EarthStar.

I still have much work to do here, and I am preparing for the final phase of my purpose for my presence in Earth realm - sharing the Pathways I/We have carved for the First Wave Ascending. I do not necessarily need a physical body to do so, as I can still Oversee and monitor from the Command Centre of the Original (uncorrupted) Divine Intervention of the First Wave.

God/Goddess/Supreme Source of All from Beyond the Beyond has called me Home - told me I am free to leave more than once, but I made a promise to extend my stay till the first wave ascends from Earth Realm. I had set my intent to cut the Pathways to the Stars for the First Wave Ascending to ensure, that all major paths are cut and cleared of major distortions.

After Sunrise I was ready to start this day. Being back in the old country where my physicality was born is still new to me - after living abroad for more than a Jupiter cycle. I was reflective and somewhat cautious because I knew of the arrival of someone who would approach me with a suggestion, and if I chose to interact it would send me on yet another Journey.

In my heart of heart I was not sure if my embodiment could cope with yet another vast Journey to the Beyond the Beyond. The doorbell rang and, expecting it to be a delivery I opened the door, and a man asked to speak to me in private. He seemed familiar to me, but I was uncertain if it was from this physical world or from the Inner Worlds.

I told him that I did not accept callers - I guard my privacy fiercely, my right to privacy. I am not a public person. I told him to phone me or to write down whatever he wanted to talk to me about and put it in my mailbox, with his telephone number or an email address. He politely apologized his way of approach and left.

As I checked my mailbox in the late afternoon, there was a very short note from him very simply stating:

“I have heard about your work and parts of your story, and I have contacted you before for this same reason. It has fascinated me for a long time. I joined one of your events to experience your Essence, so when I was told that you intended to withdraw from public life, I knew I had to hurry, and so I contact you again. The moment I heard parts of your story I felt that I should ask you to share your story with me.

I was told you could not find time to write your story meaning, that you might leave this Earth without sharing the story of the Stars That Fell From Heaven. May I please be a part of your story? I have no personal agenda other than serving the Divine Plan to the best of my ability. I will be happy to just to listen to your story, told by you and to write it down. Please consider this sincere request.”

I contacted him and invited him over to discuss the matter. Guidance had often suggested to me that I share my story, but the story was too long, too overwhelming and too intense. I began to understand the Blessings of the appearance of this gentle Soul - it was not about someone writing/telling my/our story.

I wasn't even sure I could find the vocabulary to express and explain - it was a multi-dimensional story from before the beginning of space-time covering the story of many lives, so many life forms, and the Divine Intervention in many worlds.

It was a story of so much magick, so much Love and Bliss, so much pain, deception and destruction - it was a story of involution and evolution, which is both experiential and experimental.

This was not a human story played out in the 3rd dimensional world of form. - How can one possibly tell such a story in human language without losing the uniqueness of its essence? How do you explain non-physical ways in a physical language?

My attitude was this: Why bother to tell a story that only a small percentage could relate to (or even understand)? Why would I expose the most sacred parts of Who I Truly Am in a world that does still not understand the basics of the Law of Consequences, let alone discern between Light & Dark, Truth & deception?

Why would I bother to tell about a Journey to an Inner Space so vast - a Journey that is eternal and an Inner Space that is Infinite - that few can even begin to comprehend?

- And tell it in a world where speaking your Truth is considered an act of hostility? So, in order to be able to articulate and write my/our story I needed someone who would ask me the right questions. And so he did.

Admittedly, I had agreed to embody and beacon the Sacred Visions of God/Goddess/Supreme Source of All - all that information into the world of form, silently broadcasting the information like a beacon radiating its light at night, outflowing that information into consensus reality and communicating it on a cellular level to those who resonated. Cells continually communicate beyond space-time, but that is a story in itself.

I have come to realize that speaking my Truth in the world of form might not only unburden a physicality that is pregnant with such vast fields of information - it would also be instrumental in a more direct triggering of the cellular memory of the ancestral genetic data bank of those ascending initiates reading this story - Waves of Light sending the readers on their unique Healing Quest, which would ultimately bring them Home.

And so it happened that this story was told to a kind and gentle, and very generous Soul - a Soul Friend, one of the few True Friends I have met during my journey through your worlds - who saw a purpose and a way of serving the Divine Plan of Supreme Source of All Sources of all Creators & Creations Made Manifest and Unmanifest (henceforth referred to as Supreme Source of All), by offering his time and his talent as a scribe and bard.

This man's heart was pure and open, and he wore no masks! His eyes showed the full Presence of Spirit - I knew could Trust him! I looked at him with some concern - did he Truly know how deeply this would affect his life?

When we had finished our work during daytime, I continued my work with him in Dreamtime - every step of this story brought him on slipstream journeys through black (and white) holes far Beyond the Beyond - each journey bringing him closer and closer to Home. Although I, AdiRah, am consciously aware that our Journey began long before, this part of our Journey took us back to the First Days of Creation......................




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