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We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness


Star Constellations:


6. December 2008

The Zodiac is the StarMap for Earth. Animals are the Constellations of the Stars, and they are the most potent teachers for humans. When one reaches a certain level of evolution, one contacts (or is being contacted by) one’s Totem animal. (The totem animal teachings on Earth originated in Egypt).

The pathway to the Stellar Body is through the animal teacher. (Animals are free of human complexity. For example, the animals do not know of their mortality. They remain always in the present time and their Spirit does not need to come and be, over and over again. ).

When certain Star civilizations experienced the energy fusion of their stellar forms into the 3rd dimension, they were not integrated with the animal kingdom. Thus they created a terrible energetic imbalance, as they judged humans to be superior to animals. This shattering of Unity has caused humans to believe that they - as ‘superior beings’ - must husband the animals. Btw. the fall of Atlantis was caused by a separation in mind between Earthlings and (their) Star forms.

The animals of the sky, the Zodiac, are the macrocosmos, while the animals of Earth are the totemic forces that represents all natural forms of expression. There are at least 13 dimensions that are kept in balance by the cycles of the planets, Stars and galaxies. (I will elaborate on that at a later point, rather than just making it a statement).

Just as there are more and less evolved humans, there are also more and less evolved animals. There are currently many evolved animal Spirits present in Earth Realm, and just like their human sisters and brothers, they have come into this dimension to assist with the transition - but even more so, they are here to assist humans to transcend the 4th dimension. That is where the real challenge lies for humans, for the 4th dimension is not only where we find karmic patterns. It is the dimension of duality/polarity, as well as archetypes. In order to transcend the 4th dimension in order to enter the 5th, one will have to leave behind harmful patterns, manipulation etc. - all the survival strategies, that many have thought necessary oin order to survive the 3rd dimension. One will have to become authentic at all times. But I wil expand upon the 4th dimension sometime during this or next week. 

Dreamtime: A time will come when humans on Earth will tune into the reality of other dimensions.  And once they have trancended the dualism and polarity 'games' of the 4th dimension, they will experience that they actually exist elsewhere - like the Andromeda or Sombrero Galaxy or elsewhere, while they live on Earth.

In the ancient days, this simultaneous reality was called the Dreamtime. In order for humans to experience simultaneous existence elsewhere, they need to awaken in their Stellar body, the consciousness that exists in and/or beyond the Galactic Center. And before that can happen, their higher brain centers must be open, for they are your Galactic receiving stations.

Some are already fully awake during Dreamtime, being conscious Dreamers and as such having full recollection of their activities at night, but some (fewer) are also capable of experiencing multiple dimensions during daytime.

The immersion in the Dreamtime, the ability to be on a Star while living on Earth, offers the chance to see, that nothing ever ceases to exist - we simply change dimension and form.






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