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We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness



                                                          Your Inner Space










Your life is written in the Stars, for every organic life form is created of building blocks from the Stars - you Are the Universe uniquely expressing itself at a single point. Your physical bodies consist mostly from light, water and space. Ultraviolet light is the transmitter of DNA messages, which can replicate cells almost infinitely.


Every cell nourishes itself through light, and your master glands are extremely light sensitive. Water is the maternal sea of cellular existence. Your blood carries the same constituents as the sea, and nearly all the cellular transactions occur in a liquid medium. Even your brains consist of 90% water.


Most of you have come to acknowledge that your bodies are mostly light and water, but recognizing yourselves as space is difficult to most of you. In the process of recognizing yourselves as space you lose your solidity, which is a part of transcendence. Space however, is not an empty void - it is a womb of creativity impregnated with particles of life waiting for the impulse to translate them from energy to form.


When embarking upon your conscious Path of Transcendence, your awareness expands through the exploration of your multi-dimensional DNA. You are mutating from 2 strands of DNA to the basic 12 strands of physical DNA. And as you expand your light quotient your multi-dimensional DNA raise like serpents and plug-in.


There are thousands of strands of DNA, and the number of DNA that can be embodied depends on your cosmic origin and the origin of your Source Essence: Your energetic structures are replicas of the Fixed Stars, the Zodiacal Constellations, the Great Star Constellations- of deep space/hyperspace, and hold the secrets of your Original/Primeval Source Essence.


The position of the celestial bodies within your current Solar System, of the Fixed Stars and the Great Star Constellations - and the sacred geometry between them in your Star Map at the time of your descent into matter - is a momentary picture of your ‘energenetic’ blueprint, (physical and spiritual blueprint). It is the determining factor for your biochemical compound, and it reveals your level of conscious awareness.


The Stars in the Skies are points of consciousness (Light) illuminating your Path back to your Source of Origin, rather than physical destinations. They are silent witnesses to your destiny and they are your destiny. They are paradoxes, for they are your past & your future - they are your ancestors, and you are your ancestors.


The Celestial Bodies currently visible in your Skies are physical access points to (and remnants of) worlds so fore ancient, that they seem like your distant future. But in the NOW is where future and past meet and merge - and that is the essence of ascension. In a linear thinking mind the NOW is fragmented into a past, a present and a future. To Source all that is is NOW - everything happens simultaneously.


Modern astronomical research has shown, that during particular geometric configurations of planets (hard aspects: conjunctions. Oppositions and squares), there are major magnetic fluctuations in the solar magnetic field.


During birth a foetus is influenced by Earth’s magnetic field. The activation of the foetus’ sensory system during the birth process causes the foetal nervous system to integrate a type of geomagnetic coding at the cellular level. And, as you might know, Earth’s magnetic field is influenced by the solar magnetic field.


Hence, at birth each of the foetus’ chackras becomes encoded with a particular subtle magnetic orientation. How? You may view each chackras as a piece of iron - when an iron bar is exposed to a magnetic field, the iron bar becomes a magnetic field itself.


Thus the magnetic chackra vortices become locked into a specific magnetic orientation at birth. The magnetic influence that creates this orientation comes from the subtle magnetic fields of the planets of the Solar System (and beyond, when it comes to the higher chackras systems).


Each spinning planetary body is like a subtle magnetic vortex in space. The magnetic orientation, along with the responsiveness of the emotional body and its chackras, becomes fixed by the time of birth by the planetary fields. However, the sources of magnetic influence to the emotional chackras - the planetary vortices, do not remain fixed, as the planets continually move in their orbits around the Sun. Hence, as the planetary vortices move throughout the Solar System, they produce a direct effect upon the emotional body of the individual.


The apparent movement of the Stars and the planets in the skies happens within you as well. This apparent movement provides the possibility of optimal spiritual growth by learning through experience, as well as the possibility of experiencing various states of consciousness.


When the planets reach the particular geometric position (relative to Earth) identical to that of birth (planetary return), there is a reactivation of that same magnetic pattern in the resonating chackra, causing an energy transfer from the astral to the etheric, and down to the physical body. If the lessons related to the resonating chackra have been learned, the reactivation is an expansive experience.


The Movement of and contact points between the celestial bodies also shows the ability to access their time portals and information. The chackras of the subtle bodies are doorways into other dimensions/worlds, and their access points are the celestial bodies.


The celestial bodies are acting as crystals, aligning consciousness with Galactic, Super-galactic and Beyond consciousness, resulting in a stimulation of the physicality, the consciousness - one’s entire unified field. The orbits of the celestial bodies connect (through affinity) every molecule of a similar vibration regardless of space-time and dimensions.


The Purpose of the celestial bodies is to be physical access points - transmitters and receivers of energies - light frequencies that sustain your Universe. Many of you currently perceive of the Star Constellations as locations, yet their physical appearances only show an infinitesimal fraction of what and who they Truly Are. They are remnants of other Star Constellations in previous Universes, and hence Record Keepers of the secrets of ancient civilizations and Keepers of original Star Mandala.


Through the movement of the celestial bodies there is an exchange of energy and information. The celestial bodies induce energy through their movements - they are magnetic fields within magnetic fields. Each stellar body is composed of a unique structure of primary elements, colours, tones of creation, not unlike your own bodies. You are indeed a unique, but (w)holistic aspect of your Creator.  


In StarMaps To Your Inner Space we work with the contact points between all the celestial bodies, including quasars, pulsars and black holes. Black holes often reveal much information about an Initiate’s ancestral lineages and descent throughout many dimensions - they offer the opportunity to master slipstream travel and conscious journeys Beyond the Beyond. What we see is a picture of energy in motion throughout space-time & dimensions, where the space-time geometry between the stellar and planetary bodies creates the picture of the individual’s genetic blueprint.


Every Black Hole that an Initiate has journeyed through is recorded within one’s energy field (Unified Field), and will (in the case of an ascending initiate) be visible in the individual StarMap. Such black hole experiences might have been traumatic, and mostly such experiences are found within one’s subconscious or unconscious mind.


As Above, So Below: A StarMap To Your Inner Space also reflects the core issues and evolutionary processes that Soul/Oversoul/Source seeks to resolve, transmute and transcend in many dimensional realms through it’s physicality/physical access point in the 3rd dimension.


StarMaps To Your Inner Space as spiritual paths as well as this current Ascension Paradigm is the result of intense and dedicated ascension work. It is the Original Truth of my Source of Origin embodied in the world of form - a Truth to be shared at this point of Earth’s Ascension. 



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