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Letter To God

We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness



Letters To God/Goddess From The Animal World



20. December 2008

Here is a letter from a clever canine seeking clarity in his spirituality:


Dear Father/Mother God,

do postmen go to Heaven? If so, will I have to apologize to them?


Wagging Greetings

Charlie  HotDawg



Here is a question to God/Goddess asked by many dogs:


Dear Father/Mother God,

if we reincarnate as humans, does that mean we are good dawgs or bad dawgs?




(Canine Emissary, Earth Realm)



...... And a letter from a worried Fellini:


Dear Father/Mother God,

my human parent tells me and my sister that there is a "cat hell" that bad cats go to - a planet populated by giant mice and birds.

Now, I don't believe in that, but my sister is worried. Is our human parent just trying to scare us, or is it True?


Your Loving Child

Dharma CoolCat

PS:  If there is a cat hell, how many mice and birds can we kill before things get sirius? And if my sister does the hunting and killing, and I just eat ....... will I get punished for her killings?


13. January 2009

Another letter to God/Goddess from Lobo, canine emissary, Earth Realm:


Dear Father/Mother God,

It's me, Lobo, again. I've been thinking ........ do bad humans reincarnate as bad animals? If yes, would that be as fish or reptiles?


Luuv from me



 9. February 2009

Here is a petition signed by the furry ones - the StarBear Tribes, Rabbit, Mink & Fox Tribes, Seal Tribes, Alligator and Crocodile Tribes, Feline StarTribes, Canine StarTribes, as well as the feathered ones, the SkyChicken and SkyGeese tribes:

Dear Father/Mother God,

On behalf of the entire Animal Kingdom we NOW call forth a Divine Intervention to STOP the humans from skinning us alive and/or killing us to steal and wear our skin and fur.

We ask you to please grant such humans to grow BIG fur on their own bodies, or to let them incarnate as furry or fluffy/feathered ones and be skinned/plucked alive .

Or let them reincarnate in Earth's past with giant dinosauruses  - and can we watch?


Love from your First Children