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New Ascension Paradigms & The Bigger Picture



Posted 8. January/edited 10. January 2009

As many of you are undoubtedly becoming increasingly aware of, whatever your ascension paradigm may have been, it is changing. The old platforms and preconceived notions that you have worked with so far are rapidly changing - they are simply being dismantled.

The significant changes taking place in Earth Realm now are simply a preparation for the Galactic Harmonics as we approach 2012. These shifts are affecting many of us (also in our individual lives) in the most profound ways. Hence also the re-grouping we have seen taking place on many levels.

I will elaborate much more on that in an upcoming article under the 2012 category. I am simply following a flow, and when that flow is focused on 2012, I will "outflow" the articles. That's how I work - I haven't forgotten about those articles.

Where the Path of Ascension has been "defined" by esoteric books as a guideline for the esoteric students (which is where we all "start" one way or the other), we now increasingly define our own Paths - relative to our individual evolutionary stage. (And make no mistake - no steps can be skipped). There is the overall Path and the individual Path - the latter based upon your Divine Truth.

When I make an assessment of my own Path, I see it as having journeyed from what may appear to be a far distant future from one perspective, yet from another perspective this may appear to be from a distant past. 

I write appear, because the concept of a past and a future is the result of polarized thinking - misconceptions deriving from linear modes of perception: When a Soul projects a holographic image of form through the prism called mind, it fragments the NOW into past and future experiences.

Remembered perceptions of events create the experience of a past in which a part of your consciousness is captured in space-time, and having no remembered perceptions of "future" events causes you to believe it hasn't happened yet. NOW is the point where past and future do not exist - NOW is All That Truly Is. NOW is the point where everything happens simultaneously - that point is know as True Reality!

The third-dimensional human mind perceives the Stars (currently visible in your skies) as geographical locations - yet they are designated fields of consciousness embodying/holding a certain frequency range in terms of consciousness/information which is Light lightening up your Path Home. The Stars Are your Path Home!

What is currently known to you as astrology is a mere remnant (a small fragment) of Ancient Star Wisdom - when there was no sepration between astro physics and "astrology". You might say the separation between the two happened at a point, when mind was split into the abstract mind and the concrete mind. I see no point in speaking in terms of time, since time is an expression of a fragmented mind, and since alternate (simultaneous) Universes operate under very diverse time frames.

Suffice to say, that in the realms where an aspect of the Ancient Star Wisdom known as Ascension (I speak here in terms of Divine Alchemy) was never forgotten, the Seers (or rather, the Star Map Interpreters) would map the skies (draw a Star Map) for each Soul embarking on a Journey in Consciousness with the intent to explore the multitude of worlds, mapping the Soul's origin and entire Journey.

In order to create such map it was/is at times - depending upon the Soul's evolutionary stage ("age") - necessary to include not only the planets, the greater zodiac, the fixed stars and their Constellations, galaxies, but also deep space objects. The more advanced the Soul, the more advanced and complex the StarMap. 


Within each of you is a Sacred Flame of Divine Truth, whether you have conscious access to that Truth or not. You will find that Sacred Flame in the Temple at the Center of your Truest Supreme Source of Origin. Following that Truth will bring you Home.

When you begin your Awakening you begin searching for that Truth, and in that process you move out of 3D consensus reality - a reality that is the ultimate illusion. One cannot ascend into higher dimensional realities with/on a 3D picture of reality/consensus reality. Your entire Ascension - your Return to the Stars - is a search for the fragments, the records of that Truth.

When your consciousness fragmented (into a conscious, subconscious and an unconscious), so did your Truth - your perception of reality became distorted. In order to embody more and more of that Truth, you will have to retrieve/call back your consciousness (sub- and unconscious) by clearing the many distortions and half-truths - become consciously aware, and in that process your genetics are being corrected - you are altering your DNA.

This is an extensive process which cannot be measured in time. Ascension is Divine Alchemy, and in bringing new/higher vibrating energies into your Unified Field of Consciousness, you alter your biochemical compound (body chemistry).

When these subtler energies (particles) are anchored within your Unified Field and your embodiment, they change your biochemistry, which causes you to experience more and more expanded/altered states of mind. The more conscious awareness - the more expanded.

Truth as most of you currently know it, is a paradox! There are Universes/Creations that exist in a 180-degree phase displacement to your worlds and your Truths - there are "black hole Truths" and there are "White hole Truths", and neither is more True than the other! All are facets of the prism known as Truth!

Hence, when you are not in resonance with the Truth of one or other Directions of Truth (for whatever the reason), consider the possibility of leaving. Why? Because you might end up feeling disempowered/battered because your Truth will no tbe validated. You will end up feeling victimized, you boundaries will be invaded because they are not visible - you are not standing tall in your Truth!

Only when the Truths resonate can Divine Alchemy take place, since we alchemize each other in our interactions- every interaction is bio chemical. Only then does the interaction enhance your Journey back Home! So choose your relationships and interactions with care.

Truth is ever changing and expanding as you move forth upon your Path of Ascension - that is a sign of growth and forward movement! Nothing is static - transcendence and ascension is a dynamic process of changes and shifting pictures of reality from moment to moment.

I wrote about esoteric books having been the guideline, but now we had moved to a place where the Path got narrower and individual.

I wish to emphasize, that in saying this I do not mean that the classic esoteric books are useless or outdated - on the contrary!! They are priceless in their wealth of information about the way energies move through the Universes and the Cosmos, and about the history of this current cosmos etc.

If one is serious about one's ascension, then the only sane thing to do is to at least read some of the esoteric/theosofical/anthroposophical classics. It prepares one for the Bigger Picture and it expands the mental body - opens channels to the higher mental body/the "Buddhic body", and it creates a spiritual fundament upon which one can build and grow. 

Over the years I have seen many 2. waves (Kindergarten classes) make the mistake of dismissing "the classics", dallying around in one illusion after another, distorting, misinterpreting and/or not understanding at all the visions or dreams they may have ....... some even thinking that they can claim just about anything, since they are dealing with non-physial truths and worlds.

Had they read "the classics" they would have known that ascension is the Path of Truth - that their Divine Spirit IS Truth, and that every non-truth spoken and/or lived (whether conscious or NOT) is moving them away from their own Divine Spirit. 

What I meant to say is that using the "classics" as a map for bio ascension - or as the ultimate Truth is a misunderstanding of their purpose. To me they were always a means of expanding the mind of the esoteric student, and to attune them to Service of the Big Picture, rather than service of self - and to teach about the complexity of the Creations and Hierarchies.

When I hear New Agers and esoteric students make statements like "my Soul has nothing to learn, it is perfect", my thought is "Wow - that's some Soul you have there ...... everything, even the Creators and the Tao are continuously learning/evolving".  Sounds to me more like a "Nibiruan ascension (NOT) implant" speaking.

Or statements like "I think darkness is a part of who we are" ............. or even "better": 

"I think too much Light or Light without darkness is somewhat poor" - the latter is simply NOT ascending. Has simply NOT taken a stance for the Light!

Humans were created as Light, and their purpose for being in the world of duality is to transmute darkness -NOT to live it! ......... Unless they were created as a genetic experiment in a Nibiruan Laboratory!

I hear the same "dissolute children" trash or distort all the Truths because it scares them - the more they see/sense the Light revealing what they have attempted to hide for so long, the more aggressive and spiteful they become. All there is to say to such beings is "you can run, but you can't hide, so suck it up (deal with it)".

A common arrogant attitude like "we do not need Gurus" and "Gurus exploiting their followers and living in luxury" etc. appears to me to be an expression of spiritual immaturity, ignorance and/or lack of Gratitude - it's the attitude!! There may be a few Gurus who may stray - for reasons only they know, so do NOT judge them by your own standard.

Judging anyone by your own standard really ONLY tells EVERYTHING about you, and very little or NOTHING about the other.

I have not had the luxury of having had a Guru, but I do deeply honor those Gurus who are taking upon them to hold the space for their sanyasins', until the latter are ready to deal with their karma on their own! Because holding such space for others requires a lot of transmutation from the Guru's part. 

We all need guidance and coaching along the way ........ one way or the other. So simply put: Such attitudes are related to 2nd and 3rd chackra issues. There is a lack of Honoring - without those who have walked before, humanity in Earth Realm would still walk in darkness, but I will elaborate on that in another article.    

Moving into the new ascension paradigms requires that one is willing to leave one's comfort zone, and move out of the illusion that "I have found my place, this is who I am." Well, I might add "and which I do you speak of then"? There is no right way or wrong way or better way - all there is is Truth. The Truth of who We Truly Are!

One thing is for sure - we are all moving towards our ascension, because that is our Destiny, that is why we are here. It is the Destiny of the Earth Mother to ascend now, and she neither can nor will support non-ascending humans living upon her surface. And so all we can do is to stay centered in our hearts, and embrace whatever we need to move through before "reaching the Promised Land". There are no mistakes - you have been called!

Your Temple Of Truth - Your Source Of Truth: 

"Within each of you is a Sacred Flame of Divine Truth, whether you have conscious access to that Truth or not. You will find that Sacred Flame in the Temple at the Center of your Truest Supreme Source of Origin. Following that Truth will bring you Home."

Too big - too subtle to relate to? Here I mean, does this give you the feeling "I know that, but ..... I need more, like an angle to access"? I'd like to be more specific, but can I be more specific without you perceiving it as "there is a way things are"?

As soon as we have moved into the multi-dimensional Soul, we have left the guidelines of the (most) traditional esoteric books. There is no compare - only uniqueness. But let me draw a very general sketch - a Sirian model, originating from the Masters Of Ascension (not to be confused with the ascended masters), upheld by the Sirian Elite (my reason for using a Sirian model is that Sirian DNA are the most compatible):

Imagine you as one Soul within an OverSoul of a total of 144 Souls/I Ams (12 groups of 12), advancing and merging within a group of 12 Souls. Let us call you the Torch bearer - the synergy of the other 11 Souls plus you.

You advance/ascend into the next group of 12 Souls (higher dimensional/less density). Your intent is to ascend (and/or you may be a direct extension - a FirstBorn), so also in this group you become the Torch Bearer, and so on, until you finally reach the level of OverSoul, whom you have finally become.

This means you can/may anchor this OverSoul (if this be It's intent) within your physicality, once the physicality can uphold such vibration (a matter of how many strands of DNA is embodied).

I move lightly over the embodiment of DNA because it needs to be understood on a deeper level (matter of where one is upon one's Path of Ascension), and because it often triggers patterns such as comparison, and wherever there is compare there will be competition. Competition has no place in ascension - we cannot "push the tides". We are where we are, and this is the Path of Truth, hence there is no pretense.

Your Source of Origin has extended Itself into two OverSouls, each OverSoul has extended Itself into 144 Souls - 144 lineages. Your OverSoul has anchored 144 Temples, each at the Center of your Soul.

Your Source of Origin is a part of a much vaster Source, which we shall not delve further into - it's beyond the purpose of this post.

Each of the 144 Souls are an aspect of the Flame of Truth of your Source of Origin - each holds a facet of that Truth. That is why your Truth will change as you move forward upon your Path of Ascension. When I say change I mean expand, as you ascend into vaster parts of the Big Picture.

So, you can any time intend to go to the Temple of Truth within your Soul (the Soul that you are), from there journey to the Temple of Truth within your OverSoul and further on to your Source of Origin.

The more often you journey there, the easier the access, as it raises your vibrations and your level of awareness of Truth. For every time you will bring back into your physicality more of your Truth. This will cause an increased awareness of Truth - you may not always know what the Truth is (but you'll have increased access to that Truth), and you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt when something is NOT True (in resonance with your Truth).

It is obvious, however, that one's perception of one's Truth is depending on one's ability to see/perceive with an open mind - the fewer the prejudices and predispositions (the further one has moved beyond judgment), the clearer the perception of one's Source of Truth.

There are many techniques and ascension tools available, and I am not trying to withhold information, but the people I have worked with I have trained over some years, so I have had a clear knowing of where they were and how capable they were spiritually. 

And a final PS on TorchBearer & FirstBorne:

I would like ot touch lightly upon the TorchBearer and/or the FirstBorne.

Whether one is the FirstBorn or the TorchBearer, there are obligations - extended responsibilities. As the one walking ahead, lightening up the Path for the Soul Group(s), one has moved way beyond personal karma -s/he is now involved in the clearing of multi-dimensional karma, which includes mutiple Soul lineages (ancestral karma), or even Stellar/Universal/Cosmic karma, depending on how many Soul Lineages one embodies or as in rare case (as up till this cycle) if one has anchored or embodies Oversoul or Source.

In such cases as above, the clearing work is continuous - there is no wavering on this Path. - And all the time there is something/someone bigger, more to be achieved, more to learn. The Inner Landscapes are ever changing, and life itself is a caleidoscope of possibilities and probabilities, a sea of infinite potentiality.


Lightful Starry Greetings



Khu'Ara (Qua'Ra) MinRa - FireBird, Sun of Min(taka)



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