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Biological Ascension

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The Concept of Biological Ascension


  Space-Time Geometry



(Edited 16/11-2008)


Biological Ascension is a long forgotten wisdom - a higher science, where wisdom and science were ONE. It has been attained on Earth, but on a different Earth. Earth is multi-dimensional, and has quite a history and major achievements of her own. The lack of understanding or even knowing EarthStar as a multi-dimensional being has caused numerous species to claim ownership over Earth, and the some of the less enlightened species have claimed jurisdiction over Earth.


I consider such claims to be a misinterpretation of the term guardianship! She does not belong to anyone - she is a great Stellar Deva in her own right, and quite a powerful one! Actually she was a part of a (very) different cosmic order - she does neither originate from the Canis Major constellation (Sirian System), from Orion nor Lyra, but that is an entirely different story that I will elaborate on in another article. Suffice to say that the trinary Venus/Mars/Earth Realm is present in other Star Systems, but of a different density and dimension.


Smaller numbers of individuals have attempted ascension by creating a Group Light Body. However, since the molecular structure of dimensions below the 12th dimension did not support biological ascension in this (soon to be previous) universe, there was a lot of experimenting with various levels of ascension - and a lot of combustions! This is due to the space-time geometry of the dimensions:


It has come to my attention that some directions of truth (or school of thought) have assigned specific molecular structures to certain species, and thereafter accused these species of being the cause of the major fall in consciousness. But we have no need for scapegoats and enemies on the Path of Biological Ascension, so let us view it from a different perspective:


Matter is densified energy vibrating at a specific rate, and the keyword to understanding molecular structures is density levels rather than dimensions. A dimension refers to one’s location in space-time rather than one’s vibrational frequency. If you are capable of tuning in to your own auric field or extended unified field it may extend throughout many dimensional realities, as there are an infinite numbers of dimensional realities existing within a given density.


When dimensional realities of a similar density overlap or merge, beings of a similar density may be attracted and leap into another dimension - equal attracts equal, remember?


Hence it is also the density level/vibrational frequency of the Central Sun of a Solar System that determines the molecular structure, as the microcosm always reflects the macrocosm. The Central Sun of your current Solar System, Sol, is rapidly increasing His/Her vibrational frequency range whilst expanding into the previous 12th dimensional Solar System. Each Solar System has its specific molecular structure, determined by its vibrational frequency.


In Earth Realm the multitude are currently transcending the 3rd dimension with its 3rd and 4th density levels - in the 3rd density space-time is linear and sequential, and its geometry is angular. At the 4th density level time speeds up and the timelines begins to curve, and ultimately become a circle. At the 5th, 6th and 7th density levels the energy signatures of the various dimensions will change to a figure-8 pattern, a triple circle pattern, a flower of life pattern, a lotus pattern etc. It is all a matter of dimensional frequencies rather than dimensions, races and species.


It is important to remember that consciousness defines form, not vice versa:


In the lower density levels consciousness uses organic life forms as a vehicle within the world of form. In the higher density levels consciousness uses Soul as a vehicle - that is what Soul is: A vehicle for a designated field of consciousness vibrating at a higher vibrational frequency.


I will elaborate on this subject in a later article, for many spiritual seekers tend to believe that Soul or Spirit is their highest achievement.


As you may well understand, no energy signatures are being dismantled or removed: You are explorers of consciousness. As Earth transcends the 3rd dimension with its 3rd and 4th density levels all the old molecular structures fall apart and dissolve within and around Earth Realm, as they are no longer sustained. Now let us continue to our main topic - biological ascension.



Biological Ascension


If you are devoted to your own ascension, no doubt you have heard many definitions of what biological ascension is, and each and every one of them are valid at some point. What I give you here is my perspective on Biological Ascension, based upon my perception of reality and my experiences within my ancestry - from heading the Divine Intervention within multiple dimensional worlds, to the part of my ancestry known as Grand Masters of Ascension.


Each time there were major changes in Earth realm I have descended, and every time I have ascended back to God/Goddess/Supreme Source of All (Sources of All Creators & Creations Made Manifest & Unmanifest) or ultimate Tao, if you wish. There are Grand Masters of Ascension within each of the major Starry Lineages - Canopus, Canes Vernatici, Orion, Canis Minor, Aldebaran in Taurus (before the Pleiades became a part of the constellation) to mention but a few.


Biological Ascension is the non-compromising Path of Divine Truth, and the process is a correction of all distortions within every single molecule, atom and subatomic particle of who you are multi-dimensionally upon all planes of reality. It is a retrieval of all your molecules, atoms and subatomic particles that fragmented and were captured in space-time - aligning and merging them all in the NOW of Who You Truly Are.


It is a fusion of all multi-dimensional selves into ONENESS. When increasing the frequency of your unified field (incl. form) and you transcend (what appears to be) current speed of light, time slows down, mass increases, and space curves! Your ability to leap beyond the event horizon - the leap from one location to another - is determined by your ability create enough anti-gravity particles to make the leap!


Biological Ascension requires everything of you - it requires letting go of all attachments to thoughts, ideas/concepts, pictures of reality, beings, places etc. It requires a willingness to be authentic at all times - to pierce the veils of darkness, unconscious and ignorance. It requires facing the ultimate Truth without judgment - Truth is neither pretty nor ugly, it just is!


In order to embody Truth you must love Truth and become Truth, and in that process lies your total freedom, for embodying Truth means embodying your original Divine Blueprint.


As you may realize by now, transcending an organic form of flesh and bone and blood into a radiant body of light - becoming pure consciousness - is indeed no small achievement.


Upon your path to biological ascension you become increasingly magnetic as you embody a triple circle molecular structure, making more memory (storage capacity) and higher consciousness available to you. Memory defines the 12 states of matter (in their three basic states as gaseous, liquid and solid) - your biochemical compound.


Your biological form is a holographic image projected through your mind, which is a holographic part of Universal and Cosmic Mind. Through your conscious and continuous interaction with high-energy particles, your magnetic field holds increasingly higher vibrations, which (as already mentioned) alters your biochemistry.


Biological Ascension is Divine Alchemy - a fusion of Spirit and matter based upon the knowledge of biochemical processes and universal/cosmic principles, it is the ability to transmute low-energy particles into high-energy particles within your unified field, causing a quantum leap in consciousness.


It is a process of immense changes and requires your full attention, since it requires a complete mastery of the elements of the forces at play - a transmutation of the 12 states of matter that your physical body is composed of. Physical matter is simply materialized etheric energy - your etheric body is the template upon which your physical body is built.


Your physical body may appear substantial, but in reality it is made up of atoms bound together in a molecular structure. The heavier the primary elements are, the slower the vibration of the molecules. The slower the molecules vibrate, the denser the form.


Hence the density of your physicality is determined by the quality of the primary elements of which your physical body is composed. Bringing higher vibrations (frequencies) through your form does not only change who you are - it alters your molecular structure.


High-frequent light (high-energy particles) has a short wavelength, and low-frequent light has a long wavelength. The higher the frequencies, the subtler the molecular structure, since the space between the molecules increases. The subtler the body, the lower the gravity factor, which causes an increase of the magnetic field of the body.


A crystalline body with a low gravity factor and a strong magnetic field holds a very high level of awareness. Such level of awareness is found within the gaps - the space between molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. In that gap or Field of Nothingness is where you meet God/Goddess/Supreme Source of All.


The elements of your body all resonate to different etheric frequencies, each having its own individual intrinsic frequency. Also your cells, organs and symbiotic organisms within you resonate to different frequencies. In a healthy body they are all in perfect harmony with each other. Pathogenic (disease forming) organisms however, resonate to frequencies that are dissonant or disharmonious to your energy field.


If pathogenic organisms are lodged within your body they interfere with and disrupt the harmony of your energy field - much like an instrument playing off-key disrupting the harmony of the entire orchestra. 


Biological ascension is determined by your ability to embody high-energy particles. In order to do so the biochemistry of your physicality must be capable of processing high-energy particles, which explains why you (among many other things) must be very considerate about your diet.


As your magnetic field increases it enables you to maintain the high-energy particles within your unified field. This gradually causes all your cells to vibrate at their resonance frequency - that of your Source of Origin.


In the precise moment of complete Sacred Communion, Unity and Oneness amongst every single molecule within your cell self and your Spirit/Source, you ascend biologically.


You will undergo a complete cellular restructuring as you proceed upon the Great Paths (of Transcendence & Ascension). The cellular restructuring of my body began (along with a pilot group of people with a diversity of starry origin) some two decades ago, and in the process the new cellular restructuring we all went through became a part of Earth’s gene pool.


And as so many more ascending initiates in Earth Realm are going/have gone through their cellular restructuring, the process becomes significantly easier or less complicated as all major distortions have been corrected.




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