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Shadow Frequencies & Mercury Retrograde


(Seraphim Energy Signature)


Posted 14. January 2009


Activation Of Shadow Energies:

So, why have I taken time to focus on the topic "retrograde planets"? It's been a long time since I have thought along those lines, since my approach to Star Interpretation for the past +10 years has been from a spiritual evolutionary perspective - just seeing it as energy dynamics moving in a Soul's Inner Space.

As we are approaching 2012 there is an increasing need for us all to pay attention to what goes on in the world, in our lives - to what works and what doesn't work, and to make the needed course corrections.

Sometime between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice 2008 I received a clear message from the High Council: "It is time you (Flow Directors) begin activating the "Elephant Energies", but the energies released must be monitored carefully, or they will cause severe damage and/or havoc."

Naturally I was pondering ...... When? How? Where? Many thoughts, images and "films" passed before my inner screen. I saw Ganeesha's People - the Elephant People, I saw the elephant baby who was my childhood animal("invisible") teacher and guide (later on in childhood and youth I had more animals who "came to walk with me", but that's a different story).

Finally it dawned upon me why the High Council had used the term "Elephant Energies" - it "carried the tag caution", and triggered specific memories within me. I recalled time where these rare energies had been released, and how destructive they can be, unless they are used with laser precision.  

(Elephants are 1. ray Beings, and very sensitive to a wide spectrum of energies - they can pick up a range of ultra high to even the lowest infra frequencies (long wavelength). This means they can "hear" ultra low frequencies such as infrared and far infrared. They carry the Titan Energy - "the Power of Shambhala"). 

Within the infrared and far infrared frequency ranges there are giant shadows/forces of dark hiding. This is the area of the unconscious and deep unconscious - within humans, the Nature Kingdom, as well as within planetary (celestial) bodies.

Within humans these shadow energies exist within each of the 7 colors of the rainbow - the chackras. Each of the 7 Kumaras are the Guardians of these thresholds, by simply being the mirror you look into - mirrowing back to you your shadows within each sphere of consciousness, for that's what the chackras are doorways of. And the sum total of ie a human's shadows is what we call his/her personal guardian of the threshold.  

I will elaborate more on the Shadow Frequencies in a separate article - the bit that I can currently share.

Suffice to say that these energies (Elephant Energies) are released in waves. These waves are supposed to move humanity and the Nature Kingdoms forward through the 4 major StarGates - The Aries StarGate, the Cancer StarGate, the Libra StarGate and the Capricorn StarGate until 2012, whilst (humans) confronting and releasing their shadows/dark sides.

Naturally I am aware that not all are familiar with astrology - perhaps this is a time to try to understand the elements and basic energies at play in your own map - but paying more attention to retrograde movements, and to what works and what doesn't work in your life is a start?

Remember, you are the creator of your own universe.  

Retrograde Planets:

A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. According to modern science, this traditional concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way due to this cosmic shadow-play.

To me a retrograde planet is a sign from the Universe to pay close attention to something. It is a time to "rewind the tape" - to review certain areas in your life. Instead of passing through your birth chart, it lingers a while in one area of your chart, ensuring you "get the message".

If at times it seems like it walks into an area of your life with hobnail boots, it's because you haven't paid attention .... or you resist changes.

Retrograde planets are magnetic and draw energy into the chart. They are best understood as a time dynamic - they are altering perception. 

Direct planets are electrical, and they cause energy to change and move.

Year 2009:

"Because 2009 is universally an ELEVEN / TWO year (in numerology), this Mercury retrograde process becomes important in the major adjustments as we move into relationships and shifting our journey with others, some coming and others going.

Partnerships in different areas of our lives become the theme and the area of adjustments all the way through 2009. Important to our new journey are those that share a common path, we can walk along the road together toward specific goals, accomplishments and purpose.

With 2009 being am ELEVEN / TWO year, we can be sure that the Mercury retrogrades will have a huge impact on our ideas, communication and the relationships we have been building."

(Karyl Jackson, Alpha Life Trends)


The Retrograde Cycle:

The importance of the retrograde zone is that the planet passes over each position of the zone 3 times - a time period that can last for months, depending on which planet is retrograde. This means the influence can pass quickly, or it can linger forever and have a major impact on your life.

A retro cycle is the process of a planet's passage through this zone and includes 3 passes:

The first pass is between the entrance and the retrograde station. The second pass is when it backs (retrogrades) over each position again. The third pass is when it begins to move forward again past the retro station, and exits the retro zone.

Solution: Get a plan, Stan! So, here is the action plan:

Pass One: Pay attention and rewind the tape of you life. Unfinished business, areas not working? "Get the message".

Pass Two: If you need to let go of something in your life "shift happens", causing it to break. If you need to wake up and smell the coffee, events will repeatedly show you how painful it can be to walk through life half asleep.

By the time the planet reaches the direct station the situation is usually intolerable. Something must change, which is often experienced as some sort of crisis. I recently read, that the word "crisis" comes from a Greek word meaning "to choose". Decisions have to be made and conscious responsibility has to be taken.

Pass Three: This final pass is the time to make the changes, and start living from a new level.

Naturally the intensity of such retro motions depends on many things - one's individual chart, and the duration of the retrograde cycle, to mention but a few.

To those ascending initiates who are living consciously: Approach a coming retro cycle with your eyes wide open. The sooner you get the message from your unconscious, the less grief. 


Mercury Retrograde:

Interesting to notice is that only two planets are currently retrograde - Saturn (21 degree Virgo 28') and Mercury (7 degree Aquarius 42'). 

Another interesting fact is that during his retro motion, Mercury moves back into Capricorn - some kind of mirroring going on??? I ask, since Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is retro in Virgo, and Mercury (ruler of Virgo and Gemini) goes retro into Capricorn.

Mercury retrograde is a time for anything beginning with "re" - re-wind, re-vise etc. Because Mercury itself rules the AIR sign of Gemini and the analytical part of Virgo, we will be adjust everything related to thoughts, concepts, ideas, and communication. When Mercury retrogrades, we find that many parts of our life are being revised. Often these revisions can be a surprise or throw us back a step. However, these revisions which occur during a Mercury retrograde, are a "course correction" and provide a stop gap measure until we can review situations.

You may see Mercury retro as a chance to check in which areas of your life communication doesn't work - I speak here of many ways of communication: inner communication systems, outer ditto emotionally, mentally and physically. Does all the information you need flow freely into and out of your life - are you a closed system or are there closed systems within your unified field?

Mercury Retrograde Schedule 2009: January 11th - February 1st, May -May 31st , September 7th - September 29th, December 26th -January 15th 2010.


Saturn retro in Virgo: (31/12 - 17/5), 21 degree Virgo 28'
This Saturn retrograde in Virgo highlights a period (from now until May 2009) in which we need to face up to the lesson being delivered to us from the Universe, the nature of which depends on the house your natal Saturn resides in.
Pushing self-limiting beliefs and behaviours aside, and constructively making plans to complete any outstanding projects is the message.
Time to take back your inner authority and be aware of the petty distractions that would keep you from living and being authentic, and expressing your Truth.
Your time and energy are better spent by simply planning what you would like to do and how you would like to do it, when the energy shifts again.
You may even swing between extremes of, "I'm going to organize EVERYTHING! Today!" - to being totally lethargic and unproductive.
Virgo is also about service/serving - time to check your definition of service: Are you self-serving, or are you serving in a Higher sense?

Check your definition of reality - is it rigid and outdated? Does it serve you or keep you living in fear of moving to a new level?

Virgo is also about health and health issues, and with Saturn involved (retro) - sicknesses which might be karmic? Which may be healed through uderstanding the lesson to be learned, and clearing the karma?

Either way, it is an energy which tends to create fear and doubt and unfortunately, you manifest whatever you focus on so focus rather on your foundation and strategy leaving the "how/when" up to the Universe. 
Release fear and doubt (Saturn).
Embrace a NEW definition of reality for here & now.
A Final Note:
I shall not delve further into retrograde planets unless I feel urged to do so - except for Mercury retrograde. I consider Mercury retro kind of like a compass due to his swift movements - at times he is ahead of the Sun, and if one pays attention to his retro periods and the issues that may appear, it is easier to make the needed course corrections. Around the time where he goes retrograde, take a look back and ask yourself:
What happened before, during and after the last Mercury retro? What happened when we moved through the Libra StarGate in 2008? The Capricorn StarGate? Do I still have unfinished business related to these Mercury retro? If so, you know what to expect.
And pay close attention to the time frame from moving through the Libra StarGate (Autumn Equinox) and that Mercury retro, the moving through the Capricorn StarGate (Winter Solstice) and this Mercury retro, and the Spring Equinox where we move through the Aries StarGate - a New Beginning.
Will that be a new beginning for you too? Have you done the work? Learned the lessons? Created the corrections needed?
Someone once wrote to me: "Thoth says that only a fool lets himself be ruled by the planets/stars." My answer was: "Thoth is wise indeed."
My point? Only a fool does not let himself guide by the Wisdom of the Stars/the Living Lights. That too is a choice.
Lightful Starry Greetings


Khu'Ara (Qua'Ra) Min'Ra - FireBird, Sun of Min(taka)



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