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Star Wisdom


(The Sunflower Galaxy in Canes Venatici)


Posted 12. January 2009

Under this category you will find information and articles on Spiritual Astrology - an aspect of astrology which gives a deeper understanding of the importance and influence of the celestial bodies in our lives.

The celestial bodies are embodied by Planetary Spirits and Stellar Devas - Living Lights, and give us access to various levels of consciousness through our chackras. They are living beings.

The celestial bodies have a certain life span, as do we - they too have parallel lives ....... they "die" and are reborn into other dimensional realities. Their bio chemical compound gives them a certain life span, as do ours.

Hence, when you see a comet it is a celestial body "reborn" who is gathering its life atoms on its journey, until it settles in an orbit somewhere, and through the Law of Attraction becomes a part of a Solar System/Universe.

You may say, that the planets in your Solar System are teachers guiding you through important cycles in your life:

"There are 5 major general breakthroughs (in our lives): Saturn Return around age 30 (physical crisis), Uranus opposite around age 38-44 (emotional crisis), Pluto square Pluto, Neptun square Neptun, and about age 50 Chiron Return (consciousness crisis)".

(Quote: Barbara Hand Clow)

The Stars, the Star Constellations, and the deep space objects are connection points to your Multi-Dimensional lives.

In this moment of writing I am not sure where this will take us - it will unfold as we go along.


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