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The Science Of Ascension





19. September 2009

After some days in deep reflection, I woke up this morning thinking, that I needed to create this page with the purpose of going deeper into the True Science of Ascension.

I have written about Ancient Star Wisdom on my old web site, "First Wave Ascending", and on a couple of fora, sharing some of my experiences whilst working with GridWorkers, TrailBlazers and MapMakers of Ascension.

My experiences are based upon many years work as a Seer/Visionary, Ascension Astrologer, quantum healer/quantum therapist, whilst founding spiritual centres and Mystery Schools and an Ascension Academy in DK, Germany and UK, and sharing my Knowing through courses and workshops.

On "Ascension Academy" we worked with cutting edge ascension technologies and tools, as well as DNA Scanning, DNA Assessments, DNA activation and DNA healing long before it became a new age buzz word.

DNA Activation is a science, and not to be taken lightly - it requires so much more Knowing than just activation. The DNA can only become active through entimed sequences, and i.e. the 7th DNA Strand cannot be activated before the lower Strands are active. It requires spiritual integrity, and it requires conscious awareness (within the form) in and about life the higher Densities.

I read on the internet/in fora people using terms like being Spirit/being Soul/OverSoul/Source, yet they have no memories/conscious awareness of their lives in these worlds/Densities, and their perception and pictures of reality are basically 3D/4D.

It is all about DNA: DNA are Strands of Consciousness. One cannot embody Soul Consciousness without embodying the 6th Strand of DNA, OverSoul Consciousness witout embodying the 9th Strand of DNA etc. So obviously, there is a mismatch/some misunderstanding.

But there is so much more to Ascension Science which I would like to share - hence this category ......

I had some great AHA! experiences during this week, which I will share on these pages (some of it hopefully already this weekend).

Wishing You A Blessed Weekend



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