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Warrior Cats - StarClan



1. October 2009

In loving memory to my Feline daughter, Teacher & Best Friend, SheRa Fellini LionHeart:

I wish to touch your hearts in a profound way and share with ou my all time favorite - the most wonderful tribute to Felines/cats ..... these very ancient beings, who originate from the Stars ...... Their ancestors are the mighty Anuhazi Lion People.
Once they were roaming among the Stars - their clans divided into forces of the four elements. Their clans had names such as the StarClan, FireClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan etc., and each tribe had their heroes/heroines, such as BlueStar, FireStar, TigerStar, BrightHeart and so many more ....
Here is the first introduction to the Saga of the beautiful, courageous Felines walking this Earth with us - their secrets are only shared with humans whom they consider conscious and enlightened enough to trust ..... Such humans are but few - yet, but these wondrous beings have so much to share and teach us.
Their greatest lesson to us is to teach us how to Love unconditionally - NOT to fear Love. Most humans fear Loving unconditionally because it means investing all without fear of losing. The secret is, that once you have Loved unconditionally, you can never loose that Love - it will stay with you forever and ever .......
No other species have managed to enchant humanity with their Love, their wonderful sense of humour, their unique way of perceiving life and living in the NOW.
Remember, within these tiny bodies live great Spirits - Spirits of the Stars ...... The Star Clan - Wise Ancestors From The Heavens!
In True Love & Devotion to the wise and bravehearted Fellinis, who will live forever in my heart ...... May they be forever Blessed.

NEW!! Five Clans - One Destiny

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Wishing You A Blessed Day Wherever You Are