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StellaMaris, Tia SoleRa/AdiRah

We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness



I will share a link with you which resonate with my Innermost Truth - a Truth I started retrieving/recalling from the mid-nineties and up till now.

So it was an amazing experience for me when I was introduced to the MCEO this Easter (2009) to find, that they represented┬┤a similar (however much more detailed) direction of Truth.

The MCEO have some great DVD workshops, technologies and tools for those of you who are serious about your own ascension. I'll leave it up to A'sha & A'sar to introduce themselves and their work/organization:


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Here is a link to Birgitte Fich's web site. As it is known to many, Birgitte and her husband, Peter, are both gifted visionay artists. I still think of Peter with much gratitude, when he allowed me to use one of his paintings as front page cover to a book I wrote many years ago.

They are two very gifted people extending their Light through their paintings and writings. It is definitely worth paying them a visit.

I'll find a photo fo them both to add, if Birgitte & Peter permit. 


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