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- Living On Light - A 21 day Conversion Process


12. October 2009

Within the past 14 days I have been approached by 3 people, who wanted to know about my experiences when I went through the Living on Light process. The following is an extract from my log, dated back in 1999, where I went through the 21 day process into living on Light.

It happened in the peculiar way it always does when the Divine Hand is at work. Had anyone spoken to me of this topic before this moment, I would have considered them to be bunking mad.

However, I was contacted pr email by an Austrian woman in connection with something totally different - she wanted to know more about the Ascension Paradigm Shift I spoke and wrote about. At some point she asked me if I was living on Light and I told her, that for long periods of time I lived from liquids .... That my body clearly made me aware of what it needed and when. She told me about Breatharians and the conversion process, and recommended a book, written by Jasmuheen.

I read the book, and some of the case stories were downright scary. I found the motivations of some was did not make sense to me, yet I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I had to go through this process. This was my call, although at that point I did not know why.

The first 7 days you neither drink nor eat, and the following 14 days you have one or two small glasses of diluted juice or water.

You were to withdraw completely: No TV, no internet, no telephone, no radio/music, no books, no visitors - just bringing yourself fully into the NOW. I asked my Guidance to prepare me for this process. I was purifying my body with oxygen tablets, which blasted out the entire body system, along with my practicing yoga, Chi Kung, pranayama etc.

I prepared my physical body for more than a month - or more likely two months. I had to make sure that nothing would divert me from the process. Before I started the process my hair was waist long, but I cut it shorter. I was not sure how weakened I would be during the process, so I thought I would make it easy on myself. From what I read those who had been through this process all felt weakened and shaky, so I knew not what to expect.

I had read that on the 3rd or 4th day of the process, one's Spirit would leave the body, like in the "normal" death process, and naturally I did not know what to expect - all I knew was that this was my call!

The day before I started my process, Sananda paid me a visit and asked me, if I wanted him to walk with me during my process. I gratefully accepted. On the first day so many wonderful Beings from other worlds looked in on me and Blessed my Journey - it was such a celebration, and deeply sacred and spiritual. I exeprienced a deep sense of Holiness ......

I was visited by one of the Founders, and by an Apexian who wished to thank me for the service i had rendered for the survival of their species, and for my merger of the Royal Houses (I had no idea of what they were talking about then). My Beloved Father looked in on me, and we had a talk about the new EarthStar and her future.

The Rainbow Beings and Lord Arcturus looked in on me as well, and I began to wonder what I had actually embarked upon?? It seems that when I chose to embark on that Journey, I set so much in motion, which I was told would begin to manifest within the following year. I asked no further questions. 

The first two days without water were the worst, but not anything as tough or extreme as I would have imagined. But I have never been more grateful for my spit glands and tear channels than during these days - you should think they would dry out after 7 days without liquid.

On the third day I no longer felt thirst - hunger had been no problem, since I had been through many fasting programs over the years of spiritual practices. At night between my 3rd and 4th day, I experienced (and saw) my Spirit leaving my body. I remember me thinking "this is what they call conscious death in an occult sense".

At this point all was silence - a state of nothingness, yet I felt at peace. Suddenly I was swept in waves of extreme Love and Bliss - it felt like coming Home. The rest of the night and the following week I was bathed in these energy waves.

All I did was to soak in my bath tub in Sea Salt and Oxygen to create Ozone, and I moistened my body with a mix of etheric oils i had prepared before starting the process.

The Ascended Ones were working with me three times a day, and at night I was taken to so many places. When my first week was over, I could according to the process begin to take small amounts of liquid, but I did not feel like it. I did not want to leave the state of utter Bliss I was in.

When the second week began, huge Healing Angels arrived. I saw them coming on silent Wings of Light - like snowflakes they silently descended from Above. They began their healing work - recasting and reweaving the tapestry of my Soul Experiences.

No Earth language can describe or express these experiences, what I was going through or where I was taken to.

Much of the time I was lying on a Sun Lounger in my conservatory, or in the garden, enjoying the wind, the trees, the birds, the sky. The etheric temperature rises during the process, so there were a couple of rainy days where I was standing outside in the strong wind and rain, just enjoying getting soaking wet.

On this entire Journey I was in a state of Bliss and Peace, and so fully with and in my embodiment, Truly living in the moment, and my embodiment had never felt so completely Loved, nourished, nurtured, safe and taken care of. Because of this Journey I could take full possession of my body - I was in each cell, embracing each cell and organ as they communicated with me. It was a total state of Oneness.

I completed my 21 days process into Living on Light with Ease & Grace. It was magical and fulfilled all my wishes and dreams. I Truly experienced the touch of Love & Grace of God/Goddess/Supreme Source of All - it was an ordination in its Truest and most (W)Holy sense.

I am still surprised that I could go through it with such Ease & Grace - no headaches, no nausea, no joint or mucles aches, no disorientation, no hunger or thirst, and certainly no absence of Love!

After a 5-6 months' period I began to eat - gently, like soups and only sparse. My entire body system was like that of a newborn baby.

In periods I return to living on Light - if I feel my body need a complete regeneration.

I do not recommend anyone to go through this process for any other reason than an inner calling - if it is your call, you will kow beyond the shadow of a doubt. Normally people go through such processes under guidance from a physical caretaker, and I have since guided many through. As for myself I knew I had to do this entirely on my own.

I have considered for a while if I should share this, but I wasn't sure. Not until some else raised the question if this was possible. So I hope you can read this in the Spirit it has been shared.

I felt like adding this:

Who I was back then did not understand the full extent of the procedure, or see it the way who I am today does. There has been running much water under the bridge since then, and here is what I have come to understand:

In the Inner Temple of Isis, the High Priestess (who would be an Akhu, a Shining One, or a direct extension of an Akhu) taught specific training in immortality, which included the Rite of the Sepulcre as well as conscious death. The latter had to do with consciousness surviving death. 

The difference between most people who pass through death, and High Initiates is that they know how to remain conscious while dying, instead of "falling asleep". The idea of consciously passing through death was not to remain identified with the physical body.

In remaining conscious the High Initiate is facing two choices: Either to slip you Lightbody out of your physical focus, in which case the physical elements are "left behind", yet they are charged with Higher states of consciousness, which is radiated onto and into the Earth Mother. Some High Initiates still have such highly charged elements placed in sacred places in service to Earth and her ascension.

The other choice would be to ascend the physical body, in which case one simply increase the frequency of the physical elements to a point where one disappears from the earthplane, thus ascending the physical elements of Earth to the other side of the veil.

The conversion process to Living on Light is "one of the brickstones" into mastering conscious death and later the "Rite of the Sepulcre", the latter is learning to bring oneself into a state of suspended animation and consciously still one's life functions. It enabled one to revitalize one's physicality, and some were capable of extending their physical lives with 600 - 1000 years.

With my current Knowing I would simply say that it was a natural part of my Journey ..... ancient Knowing/memories of moving freely through the StarGates and frequency barriers that exist between the densities/Universes. 

Hmmm, who wants to live forever? The point was to sometimes be of greater Service at a crucial point of an epoch. But that's an entirely different matter.

Suffice to say that thousands of people around the planet are Living on Light. Is it important? Only if it is a part of your mastery or Soul Achievements, but as already stated - you would Know it that was your call.

As always, I hope this has in some way contributed to your own Path and ancient memories.


I thought I had left this Living On Light theme behind me, but apparently not. My former personal assistant took interest in the debate, and in her asking me the relevant questions, more light was shed on the process.

People have different approaches and intents - and direction when it comes to Living On Light. I am only dealing with the angle of it that is directly connected to (and necessary for) bio ascension. That's my angle - I cannot answer for others.

It is worth to emphasize, that the Living On Light conversion process is non-linear and non-sequential, That came to light when I was asked the relevant questions. And it was deeply moving to me to experience my former assistant having a Moment of Truth:

She had once asked me how she would recognize when something was True. My answer was "you'll just Know beyond the shadow of a doubt. It will hit you like a rock". 

When we were talking about the Living on Light process, and I said that no one should go down that road, unless it was theirs to do. She asked me regarding herself - if it was a question about her not being there in her own evolution.

When I told her that it was non-linear and non-sequential, and that at the moment she did not have that Knowing because she needed to complete something before she could continue, it hit her like a rock - tears began to pour.

It saddens me to see that some people do not recognice themselves for what they Truly are: Wonderful, radiant Beings who already have what they think they don't have - it is just waiting to be manifested. 

What happens during the process is pure alchemy - the entire biochemistry is altered. Before that can happen there must (in my reality) be a Mastery of the 4 elements, and they must be in a state of absolute equilibrium. In that moment a fusion takes place, which brings forth the 5th element.

The 5th element is a Spirit - the Overseeing Deva, who assists in the altering of the chemistry, and new elements (higher particles/higher elemental forces) are brought in. The crystalline process has predominantly been completed.

Soul or OverSoul has not only taken charge of the subtle bodies - it has fused with the physicality. The Ka is now infused with the Higher Ether, and is an expression of Soul or OverSoul energy.

After completing this process you can live from the Ether, you can draw whatever vitamins, minerals and anything else your body is in need of, from the Ether.

Knowing this requires a BIG leap - a preliminary release from all 3D belief systems, prejudices and predispositions of the lower worlds must be flushed out ..... there has to be a Knowing and a shift in consciousness - one must have transcended the 4th dimension, and be living in 5th dimensional (and above) awareness/reality.


Wishing You a Blessed Day Wherever You Are



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