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StellaMaris, Tia SoleRa/AdiRah

We are here to support Earth's birth as a Star, so that Future Earth is a Star populated by Beings, who live in Christ Consciousness



My Inner Worlds 

- Other Realities Of My Multi-Dimensional Identity




Edited 12. November 2009


Fluctuations In The Dreamtime Fields:

In Dreamtime: I had come from a meeting with the Supreme Council. Due to my genetics and bloodlines, I am capable of journeying in all realms and creations, hence I was summoned before the Supreme Council.

I was shown the Blueprint of the Divine Plan for a distant quadrant of space, and I was shown some fluctuations in the Dream Fields of the Creators, that caused distortion in the Higher Dreamtime Planes. Each of the members present in the Council saw that the entire Plan would fail unless we intervened.

We saw/realized, that a multi-dimensional Creation in a far off sector of space not only would be captured - abducted, so to speak, cut off its slipstream and moved into another quadrant of space.

We saw that the Star would be surrounded by an electrical fence - a frequency barrier, that would not only cloak it but also emprison its inhabitants, so no escape was possible. The frequency barrier would ensure a total control of every living being on that Star.

Another Dreamtime Plane: The Divine Intervention was set up with a Command Center outside of the quadrants of known space, consisting of vast Beings - Beings with Flow Director and Creator status, among which I count Conscious Dreamers. Each Being was an honored member and representative of the Great Central Sun Councils. However, some have already written about the Divine Intervention in Ancient Star Wisdom (and more will be written), so no need to continue along that road here.

Let's get back to the Flow Directors and Conscious Dreamers at some later point. The short version is that at times the Flow Directors and Conscious Dreamers are one and the same - on an OverSoul/mostly Source level. The Flow Director senses all fluctuations, and the Conscious Dreamer follows the directions of the streaming.

Another Sequence In Dreamtime: I was talking to my Father. Whenever I am in His Presence, all things become clear to me. His outpouring of Love and Wisdom always reminds me of who I Am, and my obligations - my heritage. In His Presence I would rise to any occasion. "I am my Father's daughter"!

I told him I was willing to take on the mission well knowing, that the chances for succeeding were infinitesimal - let alone the odds of returning safe, if at all. However, seen from the perspective of the Big Picture, there was everything to win, and very little to loose.

We viewed it from all possible angles, and his vast experience was a great comfort - made me feel both competent and confident. He would prepare me for my mission, and He would be with me through all eternity beyond space-time and dimensions. No matter what happened, He would always be with me, that I knew beyond the shadow of  a doubt.

We finally returned to the High Council, and I told them about my decision. They objected - except for a few, but I claimed my Divine Right as a First Born.

The entire mission was planned and only known by less than a handful of Beings. I could not even tell my Beloved, as it would endanger my mission, as well as his life and mission. The mission included entering into dense matter with many of my abilities intact, as well as a conscious knowing. It included Conscious Dreaming as well as various codes to unlock timelines and altering these timelines.

Another Sequence In Dreamtime: My Beloved returned from his field trip, and was exhilarated. A Brother In Spirit, a Kindred Spirit, had asked him to join him on a shorter mission to the space Beyond the Beyond. I congratulated him. I was happy on his behalf - I knew how much he had wanted this.

When his friend and Brother In Spirit came to pick him up for their mission, I looked at my Beloved intensely, so that every particle of my Beingness would remember him - always ......... should I not return. His Essence, so generous with himself and his Love, his gentleness. Every moment in his Presence was so full, so intense ........ seemed like forever. 

Not knowing when my mission would begin, I hoped I would still be here when he returned. But the moment we said our goodbye the silent voice of my heart said "please don't go - I may not be here when you return. You may never see me again", and I knew that this would be the last I saw of him - that I would be gone when he returned. But I never spoke these words. 

I withdrew to enter into a deep state of mind - or no-mind. The Journey through the long night had begun ...........

I know my Beloved entered the Dreamtime Planes in the worlds of man when he returned from his mission, not just in search of me - but I have feelt his heart and mind reaching out.

As for my mission - it has been successful, and my work in this world is almost done, although I'll hang around for a little longer than intended. I am free to leave and do my work from "the Otherworlds", yet I have been asked if I would renew my Soul Contract and do a little more work in this world, and I have accepted. 

A new day is dawning - a new day has begun.


Fluctuations in the Dreamtime Fields:

We arrived into the worlds of manifestation. We were known as an ancient, omnipresent people, who influence the fate of the galaxies through our Beingness. It was a beautiful world - a Star Constellation known today as Argo Navis, although today it is a mere remnant of worlds that reflected the greatness of its Creator/Creatrix.

We were known to appear in many worlds simultaneously - simply radiating out our Being which was perceived in the many worlds within worlds. We resided in the heart of the (then) Supra Great Central Sun. This "Heart Of The SGCS" only became visible during rare Cosmic events.

The constellation of Argo Navis was ruled from Canopus, which was the Great Central Sun. When the major part of the Great Constellation of Draco fell, the fallen ones launched attacks on Argo Navis. Worlds were destroyed, but we managed to cut the "Heart of the SGCS" off from  slipstream, thus avoiding the Fall.

From the Heart of the SGCS all Dreamtime Planes were created, and from this invisible world the Divine Plan for all Creations - the Dreams of the Infinite One - are outflown through the Flow Directors, and dreamt as strands of consciousness through the Great Central Suns to the Central Suns, and into the minds of the inhabitants of these Creations.


Fluctuations In The Dreamtime Field - The Frequency Barrier:

This morning the well-known Dreamtime Plane was re-visited: A Star with two Sun in a far off sector of space, that had been abducted and cloaked with the frequency barrier.

In my first post we changed the timelines for the Star I mentioned above - that job was completed in 2004. Could it be an other-dimensional aspect of the same Star, or are other Stars being "abducted"?

We were three on this mission, one was "incarnated" on the Star, the other met me by the entrance point to the Star. I saw when some of the inhabitants of the Star attempted to escape,  they simply got "nuked" when they hit the frequency barrier. I could pass through the frequency barrier without problems, but one team member got badly wounded.

We asked the Aquatics for help - they attempted to see if the humans could escape the frequency barrier beneath the oceans, as the Star had a vast body of water. It was not possible, as the frequency barrier was penetrating the entire Stellar body.

We found the resonance frequency of the frequency barrier, and managed to shatter the field. The Star was returned to its rightful place in space, and its slipstream re-established.

The team member who got badly wounded needed extensive care in order to survive, and the other team member and I needed a rebalancing of our fields, that had been shattered during the blast of the frequency barrier. From there I passed out.

New Dream Field:

I was journeying through space "beyond warp speed", until I entered the Great Silence. I was floating in a sphere of Gold. The sub- and meta atomic particles were alive, and as I wondered where I was - not that I cared, I was in a state of Bliss and Ecstacy -the sphere (or the sub- and meta atomic particles) answered "I Am The Father", every particle reverberating. I seemed to disappear, but was pulled back by a voice saying "let the Dream continue". 

Back to the Dreamtime Field:

I was called back by a sound, and as I regained consciousness, a beautiful Aquatic was holding my hand. It was comforting - I knew him and his people so well. An Aquatic woman came to sit next to me, taking my other hand. She had gills where humans had a nose, but otherwise the rest of her feature resembled the humans.

As she began directing healing energy through me, she seemed to extend what appeared to me as a rainbow-colored collar of finns extending out from her neck. The collar seemed to spin around her neck, so fast that it "sang", while changing colors. It was so beautiful, and so was she.

We had to leave the third team member, who was badly wounded, with the Aquatics for intensive and extensive care.

Another Dreamtime Plane:

Meeting in the Supreme Council. The Divine Intervention has established surveillance of certain types of Star Classes.


Presence Of Divine Love In The Temple of Oneness:

This night during Dreamtime I was urged to journey to one of the most distant of Stars to be in the Divine Presence of those who hold the template of Divine Love. I was reminded of my vows with regards to Divine Union and Oneness. I had not forgotten, but admittedly I had not visited for a long time.

I was invited to sit in the Divine Presence of what I for short call "The Lovers" - the Beings who hold the template of Divine Love - and to contemplate. It was not that I was not aware of my issues, but to view them within the magnetic field of Divine Love - in the eyes of Divine Love ............. is an entirey different matter.

I opened myself to perceive the impressions that seemed to permeate and penetrate my entire Beingness............. memories being stirred. And as the Temple began to fade I heard a voice - or these thoughts were entering my mind:

"The greatest gifts we may receive are those that open our dark places to the Light, and at first make us feel most afraid. Are you prepared to Love unconditionally?"

These words echoed through my mind, as I entered Earth's Dreamtime Planes.


Dreamtime is a state of being to those who master their minds - their brain waves, but naturally the brain and the nervous system has to "be wired" for this state of being, or you would simply "burn out".

In this state, time and space is transcended - you move in and out of the many Dreams within Dreams, dreamt in the Higher Dreamtime Planes. You simply have the ability to experience multiple dimensional realities, and some even simultaneously - and without closing your eyes (I speak not about looking into the astral planes - or seeing disembodied and/or earthbound entities. But then again - if you bother to read this, you are evolved enough to either sense the meaning, or to fully comprehend).

It is all a matter of frequencies and breath - or no-breath (suspension of breath). That is why mastering breath has always played such big part in deep (occult) spiritual training. Suspension of breath is an ancient discipline, taught in the InnerTemples of High Initiates.

But before suspension of breath could be taught, the Initiate had to master a diversity of breathing techniques which developed a greater lung capacity (I call it developing Dolphin Lungs) as well as an expanded diaphragm, so that s/he was capable of holding vast amounts of chi. Nedless to say it was not a matter of holding your breath! 

An ancient and very high initiation required mastery of suspended breath. When the Initiate was ready, s/he was lead into specific caves and a stone was placed in front of the cave. At some point the tide would flood the cave - if the Initiate mastered suspended breath, s/he would have passed the test and receive the Initiation. If not - s/he would drown. That was one of the Higher Initiations by water.


Back In The Presence Of Divine Love In The Temple Of Oneness:

As I entered Dreamtime I instantly felt myself embraced by a wave of a well-known energy, and I knew that once again I was summoned in the Temple Of Oneness. And once again I felt/heard the reverberation of the gentle, but powerful thought of the Lovers From Beyond The Stars:

"The greatest gifts we may receive are those that open our dark places to the Light, and at first make us feel most afraid."

This time I was ready to open myself more fully - more willing to view my current issue within the magnetic field of Divine Love, knowing that this was a Gift Of Love.

What I saw hit me like a rock:

I watched from a distance the movements of the celestial bodies knowing, that the closing of the major cycles are drawing near - which will mean the culmination of our work and presence in these worlds of form.

As the inflow from the new StarFields are becoming more and more powerful, I feel the pull in many directions. I hear the silent whisper of a voice so dear to me, calling from beyond the borders of time.

As I listen, I hear the sweet call of my Father reminding me, that now is the time to heal. His powerful thoughts reverberating ever so strongly, and I feel his intent to empower me and give me strength. I feel a warm wave of immense Gratitude in my heart of heart, but this is something I must face on my own.

And as I listen, and more fully allow every corner of my mind to be embraced by The Lovers From Beyond The Stars, I see how and why I have not answered their calls for so long:

The memories are overwhelmingly powerful, and more painful than I had been ready to face. The many losses - the many meetings where you look into eyes that are veiled and empty .......... wounds that at times seemed too deep to heal, rifts too wide to be bridged ........

I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the time and hope for us to meet again is now, as our realities meet and merge in a fragment of a moment.

........ Ah, there it was - the shadow, the fear, now I saw it clearly: The comfort in not answering the call - the illusion, that I would have nothing more to loose, and in that sense I felt a bittersweet liberation, a sense of freedom, of being untouchable. An illusion I had to create for myself to endure ........... an illusion I had time-encoded, so that when the end of the cycles were drawing near, I would release it and return to The Temple Of Oneness. 

And as I acknowledged that the illusion was driven by fear - False Evidence Appearing Real - I let go. As I let it go I found myself sitting within a Blazing Flame of Oneness, and finally becoming that Flame.

I had finally returned to the Temple Of Oneness.


Dreamtime Planes:

Watched Creations collapsing upon themselves, as important building stones of the Creations were removed. Some of the Creations made agreements with other Creations about transferring Souls (Soul migration), to ensure that the records/data of their existence would not be lost, should they fail to recover their Creation.

Next Dreamtime Sequence:

During the Soul Migration Ovum Children - often referred to as Suns - were abducted, and newborn Stars/Suns were stolen from a Stellar Nursery.

Ovum Children are the ensouling factor of an Ovum, living at the Center of the Ovum. The Ovum Children are given building blocks for an entire Ovum, and while they mature, they create. The Ovum is created and expands by letting these Divine Children explore endless combinations of the building blocks. The building blocks are elements - the language of all Creator Logoi.

The Architects were creating the Divine Blueprint from the Higher Ether - the Builders were constructing the forms through a harmonic convergence of basic elements.

Next Dreamtime Sequence:

Consciousness split from a state of synchronized coherence to dissension, distortion was the result, for what is distortion but incompatible elements or elements out of sync - bad chemistry.

Elements vibrating within certain frequency ranges. The subtler the elements were, the higher the frequencies. The presence and frequency of the elements of our biochemistry create the colors of the auric field.

As the elements of my unified field began vibrating in synchronistic harmony with my Source of Origin, my entire Beingness began to reverberate throughout the Galaxies to the Beyond the Beyond, whilst the Tones of Creation that I had ever embodied created a subtle and unique symphony. From these tones I saw how the filaments spread and created millions of Light Paths throughout the Universes.


Conscious Dreamer & Dream Weaving

Dreamtime Plane:

I ascended through the Dreamtime Planes with a clear intent. As I ascended through the Dreamtime Planes, awakening my Stellar Bodies, the elements of my Unified Field began synchronizing with my Source of Origin, as I brought in all the Tones of Creation I had ever embodied. 

I found my much treasured Plane from whence I could sit and watch the Universal Light Filaments spread from Universe to Universe, from Galaxy to Galaxy. This is a Plane where I find Peace and Solace - a place of Awe and Wonder, where my sense of adventure is fed. I sat and enjoyed the feeling of profound Wholeness and Oneness, and allowed it to fill my entire Being - from this grand State of Being to my pettiest aspect.

As I carefully and gently began bringing in my intent (in my request for clarity) on a Big Picture perspective on a part of me (and my kin) - the Conscious Dreamer and the DreamWeaver, I saw the Dreams dreamt by the Solar Logoi through the Conscious Dreamers and interwoven by the DreamWeavers. I followed the Light Filaments interwoven.

I was in search of why/how/what changed the Dreams, and caused some Conscious Dreamers to dream .............. dreams that was out of synch, and how they became woven into The Dream. It was like slow working poison - The Dream began to fade and become distorted.

The beautiful Harmony of the Celestial Symphony became distorted and discordant. I saw how The Dreams were shattered and fragmented. The Dreamtime Planes separated into Higher Planes and lower planes, and no apparent connection.

The Higher Dreamtime Planes were still like beautiful Light Patterns - Flowers or Circles within Circles. The lower dreamtime planes became straight lines with sharp edges, almost like some of the Platonic Solids.

I caught a glimpse of the Conscious Dreams of the OverSouls and Sources, and in that moment I fully understood how to interweave the dreams within The Dreams - and the perceived past and future back into the moment of NOW.


Dreamtime Planes:

I was talking to a group of people about alternate lives during Dreamtime - here is the story I told:

I was talking about alternate lives, in particular one in  Khem/Khemu. We had a huge,open "piece of land" with many lions. The lions "belonged" to my father, but since the age of 4 I loved to hang out with the lions, who were my special friends. I loved them and they loved me, and they played with me and protected me as if I was their child.

I always brought them delicious snacks, and I spent every day with them. I loved to sit in the center of a ring they always creatred around me. Here I sat and talked to them, told them gossip and stories, and I scolded them when I had heard that one of them had misbehaved towards the servants.

The lions were rather amused by my audacity, and especially an old male lion seemed to take pleasure in me.

The Dream Within the Dream:

As I began telling them about another life, and how they connected through the lions and especially the old male lion, I found myself in what looked like an African Farm - or African landscape.

I had a wonderful relationship to the lions, who often gathered around our farm. The lions and I had a pagt: I did not enter their territory without having been invited, and they did not enter my territory without having been invited.

Whenever we wanted to spend time together, we met on our common place, a circle in which both territories met. In this space we sat in sacred communion, we communicated and played.

If I wanted to talk to the lions, or they wanted to talk to me and neither of us were on our common ground, we just went to the edge of the other's territory and waited until we were invited to enter.

One day I was playing with a big male lion in our common ground. Suddenly I sensed a change in his attitude. There was anger and jalousy, and he had power struggles with the other lions about who was my favorite.

He leashed out, but I knew I should not let myself be provoked. I stayed calm, and I called in Sananda. It was amazing to see the change in the lion - to see how he (the male lion) began to radiate Love and Harmony. The crisis was over. Sananda and I remained for a while with the lion and healed his emotions, until we all were in a state of sacred communion.

Another Dream Within The Dream:

I was back in Khem - this time a young woman. Again I spent time with the lions, sitting in the circle.

We began playing, and suddenly an old male lion opened his mouth and held my head between his teeth. I sensed his frustration over sharing my Love with the other lions - he had been there since I was an infant, and he considered me to be his property.

He was considering if he should crush my head - kill me in one go. In that moment I recalled that he had killed once before, in another life. I saw flashes - how he had been miserable, not just for the rest of his life, but for several lives our paths didn't cross.

In that moment I told him telepathically: "Don't do this, old friend. You have done this before, remember? And remember how miserable you were, and how you missed me?"

In that moment he let go of my head, we looked each other into the eyes, and I saw recognition in his eyes. I felt the Grace flowing into that moment - how Love and Forgiveness was flowing freely between us. I saw how many lives we had met, and I knew that he too remembered.

The Final Dream Within The Dream:

Earth: A little girl sitting on the ground surrounded by her lions - only this time they were toy, not real lions. The lions were placed in a circle around her. She chatted to the lions and fed them.

She got on her feet and went to her father, turned his face so she could look him in the eyes. She said: "Why can't we have real lions like we used to have?" Her father smiled and said "maybe someday when you are grown up, you may have real lions again."

The little girl went back to her lions and told them about the days when they were real, big lions. And that some day soon they would be real again.


Dreamtime Planes:

This night the activities in Dreamtime were pretty intense and buzzing with activity.

I was searching for timelines connecting to the Fall of an aquatic planet and the MerPeople, two planets with Pegasus People, a Universe with Carians, a Universe with Canine People and a Universe with Feline People. 

I found the timelines, and we - two team members and I - merged our minds, and journeyed the Universal Light Filaments. We resurrected the planets and its civilizations, and restored the timelines (sometimes it takes a lot of jumping timelines, altering them by creating events, that will cause the desired outcome. It requires skills, knowing and Divine Timing - ONE mistake can be fatal).

New Dreamtime Sequence:

I found the Universal Light Filaments leading to Canopus, Argo Navis. What I saw here made my heart leap - they had started seeding again, this time from the Eta Carinae Solar Ring. This was the sign, that this night's job had been successful, and that all timelines involved had been restored successfully.

Now I can finally let go of the Akashic Records and some of the Light-codes for Canopus, that I have held for so long - records that had nearly cost me my life on several occasions.

As I returned the records to the Heart of the Heart of Canopus, my entire Canopian Mahavishnu Lineage was resurrected. 

The Dreamfields of Argo Navis:

Last night I intended to journey the timelines of Argo Navis - I am "stuck" on Canopus at the moment. I simply cannot let it go - I have scattered dreams of Argo Navis and Canopus. It wants to be remembered, so it can reappear - come fully into existence.

I intended to experiment with bringing in the Tones of Creation that I embody - something I recalled that I/my species was/were capable of (sometimes we discover talents within our ParaGenetic make-up) when I reconnected with Canopus/Argo Navis.

So, I ascended the Dreamtime Planes after having activated my Stellar Bodies, and synchronized with my Source of Origin, whilst bringing in some of my Tones of Creation (i had considered if I could use the Tones of Creation, that I embody, much the same way I use a keyboard/synthesizer - it had to be tried out), I journeyed to my secret observation post, where I often watch the Universal Light Filaments flowing like  Highways of liquid Light.

While I watched the rhythm and the flow of the Universes and Galaxies, I focused on the Tones of Creation, and let myself go.

I entered the Argo Navis on the timeline before it was shattered. It was a giant Constellation, and one of the most ancient, before it was shattered into three constellations.

I saw advanced civilizations - highly evolved, golden beings of fine energetic structures, emanating from the Heart of the GCS, and humanoid beings that also seemed of a fine structure, yet bit more dense.

I could hear the sound and Light emanating from the Golden Beings, while I was listening - waiting for any discord.

........... There it came - the discord, the distortion came as Argo Navis passed Canis Major. The discord came from the direction of Canis Major ................ something hit Argo Navis ...... it was like an inferno. Stars were violently torn out of their orbits ....... Light filaments torn apart, yet seemed to be rewoven into a different pattern.

End of Dreamtime sequence.

I have managed to compose a piece of music from the Dreamfields of Canopus, which is what I have called it so far. From before the distortion. I have almost finished the recording - a couple of finer details still missing  ........ but I guess at some point I will have to let go of it, and allow Canopus to be heard.

Entering The SuperGalactic Center:

I spent much time flowing in and out of Dreamtime, looking for Peace and Solace. I decided to go to my favorite spot, from where I sit and watch the Universal Light Filaments flow like liquid fire from Universe to Universe.

I sat and enjoyed feeling and being a part of the flow. I felt the rhythm and pulsation of the Universal Light Filaments. Suddenly I felt a magnetic pull, and I saw how the Light Filaments of my Para DNA began pulsating and unfolding until they merged with the Universal Light Filaments.

I felt a brief moment of immense speed, and then nothing - Silence. Suddenly Light Filaments reached out for me again, and I was again moving with great speed, passing the Galactic Center. I had to smile - this was much like surfing at great speed.

I found myself entering the Diamond Field of Virgo. The Light Filaments let me go, and I entered the Great Silence.

Right above me was at the SuperGalactic Center. As the elements of my unified field began vibrating in synchronistic harmony with my Source of Origin, my entire Beingness began to reverberate throughout the Galaxies, whilst the Tones of Creation that I had ever embodied created a subtle and unique symphony, which resonated with the frequency of the SuperGalactic Center.

As I watched the diamond field spinning, my entire Unified field was spinning whilst being magnetized and expanding. I seemed to become infinitesimally small, yet all-pervasive (Omnipresent). The energies around me became iridescent, shimmering rainbow colors permeated by iridescent gold and silver.

I felt a warm flush of Love entering my entire Being all the way down to my physicality, entering my bloodstream and my nadis. I was in the Presence of the Origin of the Divine Mother receiving Immense Grace and a Sacred Symbol - a symbol of authority for my new Mission.

I was aware that the experience was too intense for my emotional sensors, so my physicality was crying, while I was in a state of Bliss and Ecstacy.

I received instructions, was shown some Divine Blueprints.

Suddenly there was a reverse in the energies, and I experienced it all in reverse. The journey back through the Galactic Center, everything unfolding and folding, seemed to last but a heartbeat.

I found myself back in my bed wide awake, and I felt like writing this down right away.


Wishing ou A Blessed Day Wherever You Are





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